terailmu.com  Gorontalo turns out to have a romantic island suitable for a couple’s vacation called Cinta Island. Also known as Indonesia’s Maldives, Cinta Island offers a variety of tourist activities that are full of romance and adventure. Starting from snorkeling, trekking, to an afternoon stroll by the beach.

Located in Tomini Bay, Patoameme Village, Botumoito District, Love Island is approximately 115 kilometers from the center of Gorontalo City. It takes 3 hours by land and sea to arrive at this charming island.

Visitors can enjoy enchanting natural scenery, beautiful blue seas, underwater charm that is second to none, and complete vacation facilities with friendly service. The following merdeka.com summarizes in full the activities that can be done on the Gorontalo Love Island tour that are interesting to enjoy:

Variety of Gorontalo Love Island Tourism Activities
Traveling around Love Island

A walk in the morning with your partner through the island covered in white sand while talking about future household plans can be the first activity, before trying other tourist activities.

Likewise in the afternoon, you can take a leisurely walk while holding your partner’s hand to see the sun going down, accompanied by the beach breeze which certainly adds to the romantic atmosphere of the honeymoon moment.

Don’t forget to capture the moment of your walk on this Gorontalo Love Island tour, because its natural beauty is hard to find in urban areas.

Relax and Enjoy the Sea View

The asset of Gorontalo’s Love Island tour is the sea view, which is still naturally blue and clean, because it is maintained by the people there.

While looking at the ocean, you can also invite your partner to have a barbeque together, chatting and talking about the first baby, such as naming and so on.


Next is snorkeling, a diving activity to see the beautiful and exotic underwater scenery. Only diving 2-3 meters you can enjoy the beauty of marine life.
Seeing the beauty of the underwater world together is certainly a romantic experience that does not always appear every day.

Trekking in the Forest

Near the Gorontalo Love Island tour there is also a dense, cool, and shady forest that can be used for trekking, with family or couples to make the atmosphere more integrated with nature. Following this activity, you can also meet local residents around Love Island who will welcome you warmly.

How to Reach Gorontalo Love Island Tourism
To reach this place you can book a flight from the city where you live to Gorontalo. From Jalaluddin Airport Gorontalo, continue with a road trip for about 2 hours to Boalemo Regency, precisely in Tilamuta District.

You can take this road trip by renting a car or by Gorontalo-Tilamuta inter-city bus. After arriving in Tilamuta, the journey continues by renting a motorboat or miniboat to Love Island. The time taken is about 30 minutes.

The Origin of Love Island

Regarding the origin of Pulo Cinta, there is a legend believed by local residents. According to Pulo Cinta’s official website, the island of the heart was once a secret meeting place between a Gorontalo prince and a Dutch merchant’s daughter. At that time, Gorontalo was known as a spice island that became the center of world trade.

Its unique shape, natural beauty, and the romantic story behind it make this place suitable for those who are looking for tranquility or honeymooners. Aside from enjoying the ocean view from their rooms, resort guests can also dive underwater, stargaze at night, or explore Harapan Island.


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