teradesa.com  Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain on the island of Borneo and is among the highest in Southeast Asia at 4,095 meters above sea level. It is located in Sabah, Malaysia, with a mountain top view of the island of Borneo which is very beautiful and able to spoil the eyes.

However, climbing Mount Kinabalu is not just a matter of physical and mental training, but also learning about biodiversity. This is because the mountain is known to be home to various types of plants, animals and fungi.

If you want to reach the top of Kinabalu, there are two choices of climbing routes, namely the Ranau route and the Kota Belud route. If Superfriends are interested in climbing this mountain, first look at a few things to consider below.

1. Bring enough items
If you want to climb Mount Kinabalu, you don’t need to bring a tent and the bag you bring should not be too big, maybe 32 liters is enough. You also don’t need to bring various climbing equipment, such as stoves, sleeping bags, or foodstuffs.

The reason is, in the middle of the climb there is an inn called Laban Rata. Not only for overnight stays, there are also provided various consumption needed by climbers. So you only need to bring a change of clothes, flashlight, jacket, snacks, and a water bottle.

2. Prepare physically
Like climbing a mountain in general, climbing Mount Kinabalu also prioritizes physical readiness. From the point of departure to the summit, the path that must be taken is 9 kilometers.

Along the way, your journey will be dominated by stairs with a slope of 60 degrees. Therefore, your physical toughness will really be tested in this place.

3. Pay attention to the cost
To climb Mount Kinabalu, you need to spend around Rp4 million. If you have prepared the money, Superfriends can contact the manager there, SSL, to make a reservation.

All climbers, whether independent climbers or tour agents, must make a reservation first. For administrative costs, climbers will be charged 150 Malaysian ringgit. The point is, you can book everything you need there, including lodging at Laban Rata.

4. Always use your hiking card
When making a reservation, climbers will get a climber card. Well, during the climb, try to always use the card.

Because, this card is the legal proof of Mount Kinabalu climbers. So it’s like an ID card, if you don’t bring a climber card it means you can’t climb the mountain.

5. Dispose of water in the toilet
The management of Mount Kinabalu has done very well. They have provided toilets along the hiking trail. Therefore, if you want to relieve yourself, you can use this facility. In addition, they also provide refills of drinking water from Mount Kinabalu springs.


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