teradesa.com  Malioboro tour is one of the things that must be on your list when traveling to Yogyakarta.
Malioboro is actually the name of one of the streets in Yogyakarta.
Many tourists take pictures on this street sign to capture the moment. Want to know what all the excitement is in Malioboro?

Malioboro Tourism History
Malioboro is actually the name of a street that has been around for a long time, approximately since the 1750s. There is an interesting story behind this street, which has become one of Yogyakarta’s icons. Formerly, the name of Yogyakarta or Jogja was Ngayogyakarta.

This name was inspired by a kingdom in the Ramayana, Ayodya. Because Javanese people call it Ngayodya, it sounds like “Ngayogya”.

Well, in the book, there is one main street that is very famous because it is often used as a place to welcome the king and his guests.

The name of the street is “Malyabhara”.
Translated, “malya” means flower and “bhara” means wearing. So, the name of the road means “wearing flowers” or a special road. The name was then taken to name the street close to the Yogyakarta Palace.
Due to the influence of Javanese pronunciation, where the letter “a” is pronounced “o”, the street was called Malioboro.

At the beginning of its inauguration, Malioboro was not immediately crowded!
Until finally, the Dutch made the Malioboro area the center of the city in Yogyakarta. After that, the Dutch also built Vredeburg Fort and The Dutch Club in the 1800s.
Malioboro’s increasingly strategic location made it even more crowded, even becoming one of the tourist spots to this day.

What’s in Malioboro Jogja?
One of the unique features of Malioboro is the many souvenir vendors along the street.

However, you can do more than just shopping here!Here are some other interesting things you can do in the Malioboro area:

1. Culinary
In addition to various souvenirs, Moms can also find many Yogyakarta culinary vendors in Malioboro.
From traditional foods like gudeg or yamko, to unique ones like satay kere or oseng-oseng mercon.
Don’t be surprised by the price, because the average culinary price in Jogja is sold at a low price.

2. Photo Hunting
Malioboro Jogja can also be a fun place for photo hunting, Moms.
One of the most iconic photo spots is at the Malioboro street sign. A lot of tourists take pictures here.
However, if you want to explore, there are many other photo spots you can try.

3. Walking
If you like to walk, Malioboro will be a lot of fun.
Because it is very strategically located, Moms can walk along Malioboro street and find several tourist spots around it.
For example, Yogyakarta Palace, Vredeburg Fortress, Alkid aka Alun Alun Kidul, zero kilometer point, and many more.
If you intend to take a walk, you should choose a time in the morning or evening, Moms.
This is because exploring the streets around Malioboro during the day will be quite hot and tiring.

Interesting Places Around Malioboro Tour
One of the reasons Moms should visit Malioboro is because this street is close to interesting tourist attractions in Jogja.

Here are some interesting places around Malioboro Street:

1. Beringharjo Market
Beringharjo Market is the oldest market in Yogyakarta.
Here, there are many types of batik, T-shirts, and souvenirs that can be bought for souvenirs.
If you go deeper, you will find a variety of local snacks that make you miss Yogyakarta.
There are ice dawet, pecel, various baceman, jamu, gado-gado, and other light snacks.

2. Fort Vredeburg Museum
Not far from Beringharjo Market, Moms will find the Vredeburg Fort Museum.
This is one of the ancient museums with historical value.
Formerly, this museum was a former prison for homeland fighters which is now converted into a museum.
In addition to being a historical relic of the colonial period, this museum is also a fun place for photo hunting.

3. Kilometer Zero Point
Another interesting place that is also close to Malioboro tour is the zero kilometer point area.
This area is actually a public space that is used daily by local residents.
However, for tourists, this area can be one of the places to take pictures and capture moments.
This is because in the vicinity there are many beautiful old buildings such as Fort Vredeburg, BNI Building, and Gedung Agung.

4. Sonobudoyo Museum
South of the zero kilometer area, you can find Sonobudoyo Museum.
The museum, which was established in 1935, has two museum complexes, Unit I and Unit II.
There are many historical relics in this museum, including ancient objects.
In addition, the museum also has collections of scientific value such as history, ethnography, biology, geology, and fine arts.

5. White Pal Monument.
Another interesting place not far from Malioboro is the White Pal Monument.
This monument, which is also one of Jogja’s icons, is located north of Malioboro and Tugu Jogja Station.
Many tourists capture the moment by taking pictures at this monument.
In addition, tourists can also enjoy various culinary delights sold around this area.

That’s the complete information about Malioboro tour in Yogyakarta.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of interesting places that can be visited, because Malioboro street does have a very strategic location.


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