teradesa.com  Papua is a dream #InIndonesiaAja tourist destination for the majority of domestic and foreign tourists. Its unspoiled and stunning natural beauty has captured the world’s attention. So for you as a native of Indonesia, it would be a shame to miss it. Apart from Raja Ampat, there are still many tourist locations that hold strong appeal. One of them is Lake Sentani in Jayapura City. Not only is it fun to visit, this tourist attraction is also the venue for the Lake Sentani Festival. What is the beauty of this lake and the excitement of the festival? Check out the full discussion below.

1. Dozens of Small Islands Around
Lake Sentani itself already has a beautiful and mesmerizing view. Add to that the cluster of approximately 22 islands in the lake, each with a different view. Just imagine, you will have a lot of natural scenery viewpoints when visiting these islands. You can even experience a motorboat ride by renting it from the locals. Some islands even provide accommodation rentals if you want to spend the night here. It is guaranteed that in the morning you will be greeted with the cool atmosphere of the lake that calms the mind.

2. Colorful Yoboi Village
Not stopping at nature tourism, you can also experience cultural tourism by visiting Yoboi Village. This village above the lake water has been known as the area with the largest sago plant in Indonesia. Not only do you get to interact with the locals, you will also find their unique way of decorating houses and public facilities. One of the most striking is the main wooden bridge which is full of interesting colors.

3. Stunning Hillside
The lake is also surrounded by green hills that already steal the view from a distance. Often referred to as Teletubbies Hill because of the vast expanse of fresh green and undulating hills. If you get to this location in the afternoon, get ready for the beauty of the sunset that refracts the color of the grass and the surface of the lake to be more beautiful. To reach the top of the hill, make sure you bring your basic hiking gear and necessities so you don’t have any trouble getting through. A simple hike but full of beautiful memories of nature if you come here with friends.

4. Various Endemic Fish Species
With its tranquil waters, Lake Sentani holds a rich biodiversity. How could it not? It secretly has an amazing variety of freshwater biota species. If you’re lucky, you can even find 4 endemic fish species that only exist in Lake Sentani. The four species are Lake Sentani cork fish (Oxyeleotris heterodon), Sentani rainbow fish (Chilatherina sentaniensis), red rainbow fish (Glossolepis incisus), and sawfish (Pristis microdon). Some of these fish species are already categorized as endangered. So make sure you’re careful and don’t take them if you find them.

5. Unique Local Painting Arts
As mentioned above, there are many islands around the lake that provide a variety of attractions. One of the islands with a strong appeal is Asei Island. In addition to the unquestionable scenery, this island is a center for artists whose work you can make as souvenirs. Painting artists on Asei Island pour their beautiful works on typical Papuan bark. Motifs that will usually be found are iconic fauna from Papua and various combinations of spirals that are full of meaning.

Lake Sentani Festival

The last attraction that you can only find once a year is the Lake Sentani Festival. The event, which is held to preserve the cultural values and local wisdom of the surrounding area, is also an effort to improve the economy of coastal communities. The series of events begins with a ban on fishing for several days. Then it will be allowed back together before the traditional ceremony. You will see the unique traditions and ways of catching fish in Lake Sentani.

During the ceremony, a traditional Papuan dance will be performed on the boat. Named Isosolo Dance, this boat dance is a spirited war dance. You can also witness the coronation of the customary chiefs which include the 5 tribal chiefs or Kose in Jayapura. Not only watching the cultural party, you can also taste a variety of Papuan dishes on display. Interesting, isn’t it?

Lake Sentani is only one of the many attractions in Papua that holds its beauty and uniqueness. The decision to spend a vacation at Lake Sentani, even during the festival, will be the right choice of time and guaranteed to be unforgettable. Don’t forget to prepare everything before going on vacation, including gathering as much information as possible. Follow the latest events in Indonesia through the official Indonesia Travel Event website now.



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