teradesa.com  Mount Bromo in East Java, Friend Pesona may have often heard the story of one of the famous tourist attractions that only #InIndonesiaAja, right? Yes, the only active volcano in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area does have amazing views and atmosphere because of the vast expanse of craters and soothing fog. Together with the spacious desert, hills that are easy to climb, the temperature at the top is cold and cool, of course making many tourists flock to visit this place. The tourist area that stretches for 800 square kilometers makes it very unfortunate if you only take pictures. So, what are the activities that can be done in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area? Let’s take note!

1. Trying the Sensation of Adventure Riding a Jeep Car

Who among wonderfull Pals wants to ride a jeep car in a mountainous area? Perfect fit, in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area provides jeep car driving services to parts of the area such as: Bukit Cinta, Widodaren, Bromo Crater, Whispering Sand, and Sabana. With a jeep car that is capable of crossing various steep paths, you can experience driving while enjoying the vast and amazing natural scenery. You don’t need to worry if you can’t drive a jeep, because there will be an operator who is ready to drive and guide the safe route. The range of jeep rental prices starts from IDR 600,000 to IDR 1,250,000, but this price can change at any time.

2. Explore the Exoticism of Pasir Berbisik While Hunting Instagenic Photos

One of the movies with the same name as this place was famous in its time. The vast expanse of black sand that stretches around the mountains, the sand blowing while whispering into the ear, makes you feel like the only visitor in Bromo Tengger Semeru like in the movie. That is why, many are hunting for instagenic photos to this place, even to pre-wedding photos too, you know! The texture of the wavy sand and white mist, decorated with the sturdy Mount Bromo and Mount Batok, makes it an aesthetic photo background. Not only that, if you come to this location above 9 am, then you can feel the sensation of clouds moving from the Bromo Caldera cliff down to touch the sand, then towards Mount Bromo. Like playing above the clouds! Don’t miss this super cool location, Charming Friend.

3. Hunting Sunrise Panorama at Bukit Cinta, Mentigen Hill, Penanjakan

One of the most hunted spots when going to Bromo Tengger Semeru is sunrise or the moments of sunrise. Watching the sun rise between hills, mountains, valleys, craters, and deserts with cold and cool temperatures does make the body and mind fresh! Pesona friends who want to hunt for sunrise panoramas can go through the Bukit Cinta, Bukit Mentigen, and Penanjakan hiking trails. Each path has a different route, so make sure you ask the local tour guide first so you don’t get lost. Well, so as not to miss the sunrise at 05.30 WIB, wonderfull Friend must be ready to estimate the travel time, yes!

4. Camping at Ranu Kumbolo and Feel the Sensation of a Starry Night

After a day of traveling that moves the body, it’s good to rest while camping at Ranu Kumbolo. Ranu Kumbolo Lake, which is called “Heaven of Mount Semeru” by climbers, is a favorite place to spend the night and also enjoy the sunrise. The lake water, which is located in the middle of the valley, will reflect the stars in the night sky, which is really cool! Anyway, Pesona Friend will not lose a night at Ranu Kumbolo. Well, for the Ranu Kumbolo camping package for two days and one night is divided into two, namely: open trip packages for IDR 950,000 per person and private packages ranging from IDR 1,550,000 to IDR 2,750,000 per person. Please note that these prices are still subject to change so make sure to check with your local travel agent!

5. Visit to Pura Luhur Poten

You might not expect that in the middle of the desert at the foot of Mount Bromo there is a temple that has been established since the beginning of this century, called Pura Luhur Poten. In this temple, you will find the assimilation of Javanese and Balinese cultures united by Hinduism. The nuance will feel like returning to ancient Indonesia because this temple stands firmly alone in the vast nature without other buildings.

6. Witness the Traditional Ceremony of the Tengger Tribe, Yadnya Kasada

If you have visited Pura Luhur Poten, it feels incomplete if you don’t witness the traditional ceremony of the Tengger Tribe, Yadnya Kasada. This annual ceremony, held on the fourteenth day of the Kasada month, has been going on since the 14th century and always when the full moon appears. The ceremony lasts two days and is prepared directly by the Tengger people, followers of ancient Hinduism whose methods and places of worship are different from Hinduism in other areas. The series of ceremonies are sacred and solemn, where the Tengger people will bring various kinds of crops and pets as offerings.


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