teradesa.com  Bali is known as a tourism paradise in Indonesia. Almost all areas on the Island of the Gods are rich in fascinating natural attractions, including the Nusa Dua area. Nusa Dua has long been known as an elite tourist area.

In this area, there are luxury hotels and resorts, beaches with clean white sand, to classy shopping places. In addition, the Nusa Dua area also has many other interesting tourist attractions to visit.

Well, if you are on vacation in Bali, you can really stop by the Nusa Dua area. Here are a series of tourist attractions around Nusa Dua that you must visit.

1. Nusa Dua Beach
Like the Legian or Jimbaran area, the Nusa Dua area also has beautiful and charming beaches. One of them is Nusa Dua Beach itself.

Nusa Dua Beach has white and clean sand beaches. The sea water is turquoise and also clean. In addition, the waters at Nusa Dua Beach are also very calm and shallow, making it suitable for swimming and safe for children.

2. Mengiat Beach
Besides Nusa Dua Beach, there is also Mengiat Beach which is no less beautiful. This beach also has white sand that is well maintained.

Mengiat Beach is also a favorite for tourists to swim and invite children to play water, because the waters on this beach are very shallow and there are almost no waves.

3. Geger Beach
Another beach that you shouldn’t miss if you go to the Nusa Dua area is Geger Beach. Just like other beaches, Geger Beach also has clean white sand. The sea water is also calm, shallow, and bluish green in color.

Another uniqueness of Geger Beach is the abundance of seaweed on this beach. You can find seaweed farms, where the plants are bred as raw materials for cosmetic products. You can also see the seaweed farmers in action.

4. Water Blow
Water Blow is a unique natural phenomenon that you can find in the Nusa Dua area. The location is right behind the Grand Hyatt Hotel area, ITDC Nusa Dua integrated area.

You can watch high-speed Indian Ocean waves hitting a narrow gap between coral cliffs. This wave will produce a splash of water that is sprayed high up.

If you want to watch Water Blow, it is highly recommended to keep your distance so that you don’t get wet. Unless you really want to play wet and are ready with a change of clothes.

5. Bali Collection
If you are satisfied playing on the beach and want to continue shopping, you can stop by Bali Collection. Bali Collection is the largest shopping center in the Nusa Dua area. It covers about eight hectares with a beautiful and well-maintained outdoor concept.

At Bali Collection, you can find famous fashion brands such as Nike, Quicksilver, Hurley, Levi’s, Giordano, Sogo, and so on. In addition, you can find many restaurants, such as Bebek Tepi Sawah, Coco Bistro, Loco Restaurant, and others.

6. The Pirates Bay
If you want to invite children to play pirate style, come to The Pirates Bay. You can find replicas of pirate ships, tree houses, watchtowers, and pirate-themed huts.

The Pirates Bay also rents out various pirate costumes for kids, perfect for taking pictures. There is also a restaurant that serves a variety of menus, ranging from Nusantara menus, seafood, to Western menus.

7. Nusa Dua Water Sports
A visit to Nusa Dua is incomplete if you don’t try water games and water sports at Nusa Dua Watersports. The location is in Tanjung Benoa, about 10 minutes from the integrated ITDC Nusa Dua area.

You can enjoy a lot of marine tourism rides and sports games. You can try banana boat, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba dive, seawalker, and flyboard.


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