teradesa.com  For those of you who don’t know, Tana Toraja is a district located in South Sulawesi. This district has a variety of exotic natural attractions and a unique cultural variety.

If you are from Jakarta, you can take a flight to Makassar followed by traveling by land or air.

If you want to go by land (bus or private car), generally the time will be around 8 to 9 hours. Meanwhile, if by air, it only takes 45 minutes.

Once there, you will be greeted with a variety of tourist hits that are often visited by many people.

Here are some explanations:
1 Pango-pango Makale
Pango-pango Tourism is a Tana Toraja tourist spot classified as agro where this tour presents beautiful natural beauty in view with a cool atmosphere.

This tour is located in the city of Makale precisely on the top of a hill that has not been cultivated by the community.

In accordance with its location at the top of the hill, many people call this place the land above the clouds.

Understandably the location of Tana Toraja Regency is indeed in the highlands surrounded by high mountains so naturally there are many lands above the clouds.

If you go there and arrive at Pango-pango, you will enjoy so many scattered trees and green shrubs.

Here you can also enjoy a beautiful panorama of hills and mountains, besides that you can see Makale City from the top of the mountain.

2 Londa Tana Toraja
Londa is a tourist spot in Sandan Uai Village, Sangggalangi Subdistrict, Tana Toraja, 7 kilometers south of Rantepao City.

Getting there is quite easy. You can use two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, or you can use motorcycle taxi services.

Londa is one of the tourist attractions in Tana Toraja. There is a tourist attraction where the tomb is located on a rock cliff and in it there is a cave for the tomb.

In the cave there are coffins and bodies, bones, and skulls that are hundreds of years old.

When you go there, you will be presented with the appearance of wooden statues lined up on the lip of the rock cliff.

The statue is a statue of each corpse buried at the Londa location. The statue is called Tau Tau by the local people.

3 Kete Kesu Tana Toraja
As I explained earlier, Tana Toraja has many tourist destinations, one of which is natural tourism called Kete Kesu.

Kete Kesu is a natural attraction located about 4 kilometers from the city of Rantepao.

Kete Kesu Village is a tourist attraction located in a hilly area with rice fields and green forests.

In this area there are many traditional houses of Tana Toraja. The traditional house is called Tongkonan which is usually used as a temporary storage place for the body before burial.

In addition, if you dare to enter the inside of the Tongkonan Toraja complex, you will find the Kete Kesu rock cliff which was made into a stone grave in the past heritage of Tana Toraja history.

Here you can see how the graves and coffins in the cliffs and caves clearly.

Oh yes, inside the Kete Kesu complex you will be sold various kinds of souvenirs and typical Toraja knick-knacks. you can buy at a fairly cheap price, you know.

To enter Kete Kesu tour, you only need to pay a ticket of approximately IDR 10,000 to IDR 50,000.

4 Land Above the Clouds Totombi
Totombi Land above the clouds is one of the newest tourist attraction in Toraja that is being hit this year.

This location is almost adjacent to Lolai Tongonan Lempe which is located in the Lembang hamlet of Benteng Mullu Village, Kapalapitu District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi.

In Totombi you can enjoy a view above the clouds like in Panggo Panggo Makale.

Your eyes will be hypnotized by the mounds of clouds that cover the beautiful valley, so Totombi is called the land above the clouds.

Since this location is at a high altitude, so you are required to bring a thick jacket because the air here is quite cold.

To enjoy the sunset above the clouds, you must have been in Totombi at least dawn to morning.

For the entrance fee, just provide IDR 15,000. For those of you who want to save the monument, the manager provides a special spot for taking pictures.

5 Talondo Tallu Waterfall
Talondo Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Tana Toraja. This waterfall is fairly unique compared to the others because this waterfall is three-branched making it look more unique than the others.

It turns out that this branching occurs because of the meeting of two rivers and becomes one river, namely the Talondo river.

Besides being unique, this waterfall is very beautiful with typical highland water that is very cold, making it feel more comfortable.

This waterfall turns out to have a mystical feel, it is said that in this waterfall there is a large eel commonly called Masapi.

The eel should not be caught or eaten. In addition, if you go here, you should not wear black clothes.

To get to this waterfall you must be willing to walk as far as 8 kilometers. Quite far and make sure you are in a fit state.

6 Kalimbuang Bori Tourism Object
Kalimbuang Bori Tana Toraja is a Tana Toraja tourist spot that presents a beautiful and beautiful view.

At this location you will be shown a stone forest that is quite towering. This location is perfect for taking pictures next to a row of large stones.

7 Nature Ollon Tana Toraja
Nature Ollon is a relatively new Tana Toraja tourist spot and is titled anti-mainstream. This tourist attraction is located in Ollon Village.

Usually tourists call this tour Teletubis mountain because the row of mountains here is similar to the hills in Teletubis.

You will get a beautiful panoramic view of nature if you visit Ollon.

In this place you will get a quiet atmosphere with views that are not less beautiful than other tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Especially if you live in South Sulawesi, you must go here! Guaranteed not to lose.

The address is in Ollon, Poton, Bonggakaradeng, Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi.

Those were 7 tourist destinations that hit in Tana Toraja. How do you want to go there?


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