teradesa.com Ampera Bridge is a symbol of Palembang City. The bridge with a height of 65 meters has a length of approximately 1000 meters and a width of 22 meters. This bridge, which is the pride of the people of Palembang, is a bridge that has 4 lanes for vehicles.

This large bridge passes under the Musi River. Before being given the name Ampera, this bridge was once given the name Bung Karno Bridge. This is because Bung Karno played an important role in the formation of this iconic bridge.

This Ampera Bridge was established and inaugurated in 1965. Where the name Ampera is taken from a meaning, namely the People’s Suffering Mandate. This name bears witness to the struggle of the people.

The Attractiveness of the Ampera Bridge

1. Belido Fish Statue
The fish statue around this bridge is one of the attractions for tourists. This statue is an icon for the Asian Games event in 2018. This fish statue with a fountain has a width of 2 meters and is located at a height of 12 meters.

In addition to signaling that the city of Palembang hosted the Asian games a few years ago. The installation of the Belido fish statue is also an attraction for tourists to come and visit this beautiful place.

2. The existence of a red analog clock near the bridge
This clock raises the nuances of the charm of the beauty that exists in London. This giant analog clock with a size of approximately 5.5 meters and weighs around 200 kg is an attraction for tourists to stop and just take pictures near this clock.

The existence of a giant analog clock decorated in red on the side of this bridge adds to the beauty of this tourist spot. The placement of this giant analog clock is at both ends of the Ampera Bridge. This bridge looks even more beautiful with maintenance and facilities in several places.

3. The Beauty of the Musi River Under the Bridge
The Musi River is not only large but has a lot of beauty. The beauty of the Musi River can be seen from the many tourists who come to this place every day.

Not only during the day, at night the charm of beauty will be seen from under the bridge. The sparkling light on the Ampera Bridge is reflected towards the Musi River.

4. Floating Wooden Restaurant Around the Musi River
This floating wooden restaurant on the Musi River is one of the main attractions for culinary tourists. In this restaurant you will be able to enjoy the many food menus provided. For foodies, walking around in each restaurant and enjoying each dish is an attraction that is not boring.

The beautiful view of the bridge can be enjoyed from the restaurants under the bridge. The restaurants under the bridge provide an amazing view. In addition, every restaurant around the river provides a cheap price and does not hurt the pocket.

Address and Route to Ampera Bridge Location
To get to the location of this iconic tourist destination, you can order a taxi or you can take the Trans Musi Bus from the airport to this popular tourist spot.

The address of the location you have to go to is Jalan cross Timur, sultan Mahmud Badarudin. This bridge is located in the center of Palembang City, South Sumatra. This bridge connects two Palembang locations separated by the Musi River. From the airport you can go to Ampera Bridge easily.

For the price of admission to this famous tourist spot is free of charge. You do not need to pay for entry to enjoy the beauty that this bridge offers. You will only be charged for parking at this tourist spot. This tourist attraction is open for 24 hours. You can come whenever you want. All facilities in this tourist spot will serve you every time you come.

Interesting Activities to Do at Ampera Bridge
1. Culinary Tour
Around Ampera Bridge, there is a market that provides Palembang culinary specialties with various diversity. There are empek-empek snacks that are famous in Palembang. You can buy this empek-empek for only Rp 2,000.

You can order to choose fried empek-empek or choose grilled empek-empek. Other than that, there are various eateries that serve seafood, Palembang specialties and various other food menus near this bridge.

2. Songket Craft House
There is a songket craft house around this iconic bridge. In this craft house you will be able to see the Palembang songket exhibition. Where the beauty of Palembang songket is number one in the world. You can also order songket in this craft place.

In addition to this worldwide songket Palembang, here there are also many accessories. Some kinds of knick-knacks are provided for souvenirs. This craft house also provides a variety of interesting and unique souvenirs. Such as miniature Ampera Bridge, key chains, dolls with typical Palembang clothes and others.

3. Take a Picture Near the Fish Statue
The statue, which has been phenomenal since the 2018 Asian Games, is now an interesting photo spot for every tourist who comes. Besides taking pictures, you can hang out with friends. The atmosphere on the banks of the Musi River is very cool to enjoy with friends hanging out.

This Helida Fish Statue is one of the specialties in Palembang. Because the existence of this fish is starting to become extinct, this Helida Fish is immortalized in the form of a statue.

4. Fishing on the River
The Musi River is beautiful and famous. This river is also used as a fishing spot for men or young people. In this river there are many types of fish that you can get. At this fishing location, you can fish with your friends or partner. You will get many types of fish in this river.

While fishing, you can enjoy the beauty of this Musi River. Seen boats passing by make the scenery more romantic.

To fish around the Musi River, you must bring your own fishing gear. Because in this place there are no facilities for fishing. According to some residents who have fished in this Musi River, there are Baung fish and Lumajang fish.

5. Enjoying Sunset Around the Musi River
On this river you can rent a motorboat to enjoy the beauty of the river in the afternoon. You can wait for the sun to set on the kepal in the middle of the river with your partner. The afternoon atmosphere on the river will be more romantic for you if you come with your partner.

cheaper water vehicle rentals. You can rent this water vehicle for Rp 15.000 for Getek. And the more expensive rate for Motorboats is IDR 50,000.

The beauty of the Musi River at sunset is seen when the twilight light is reflected in the river.

6. Eat by the Musi River
In addition to enjoying the beauty of the afternoon on this river. You can also enjoy dinner on the banks of the Musi River using a wooden boat. This place is one of the favorite places at night for young people who come with their partners.

The wooden boat restaurant provides many Palembang specialties. In addition, there are also many other food choices. The atmosphere of eating in this place is very romantic at night.

7. Photo Spots Around the Bridge
Besides taking pictures under the fish statue, you can take pictures under the Palembang writing. The photo background with Palembang writing is always a moment to look forward to. Because taking pictures in front of this writing is great for those of you who like to capture photos.

At night these writings will be given lights with many colors. So from a distance this writing will look very beautiful. Very suitable to be used as a place to take pictures with friends and their partners.

8. Take a Picture with Ampera Bridge Background
At night, Ampera Bridge will be filled with thousands of lights shining on this bridge. This beautiful bridge is the main destination for tourists who come at night.

Taking pictures with the bridge in the background filled with beautiful lights is amazing. You will be mesmerized when you see the beauty of the night on this bridge.

Facilities Available at Ampera Bridge
1. LRT Station
The construction of this station can facilitate the visit of tourists who want to go to Ampera Bridge and to Palembang City. This station adds to the beauty of Palembang city.

2. Rows of Seats Around the Bridge
The government is very concerned about the beauty and needs of every tourist who comes to this tourist spot. The government provides many facilities for tourists, one of which is the presence of chairs around the bridge and also a parking lot.

3. Cool Park
The creation of a park around this tourist attraction makes tourists more interested in coming and visiting often. The existence of a beautiful park is a gathering place for young people who prefer to enjoy the company of their friends around the grass of the park.

4. Garden Lights
In addition to the beauty of the Ampera Bridge, the park is also provided with lighting for tourists who come at night. Because the beauty of this place at night is more beautiful than during the day. The beauty of this night is added by colorful lights that shine beautifully and have different colors.

5. Lodging Around Ampera Bridge
If you want to enjoy the beauty of Ampera Bridge until late at night you can book lodging around this tourist spot. Because if it’s too late it will be difficult to find a vehicle to return home. You will get lodging at a cheap and affordable price for the night.


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