teradesa.com  Bintan is a flagship destination in the Riau Islands. This destination is famous for its luxurious resorts, world-class golf courses, and not to forget, the stunning beauty of its coastline. Well, for Wonderful Pals who want to feel the sensation of adventure as well as entertainment, Bintan is the right option to get a fun and memorable vacation.

The magic of Bintan Island
Recently, Bintan has been talked about as a world-class sports-tourism destination. Various types of sports tourism events that attract tourists from all over the world are held here. Just mention some of them, such as marathons, triathlons, various extreme sports, and golf tournaments.

Getting to Bintan
Ferry Line

Located across the ferry ports from Singapore and Johor Bahru in Malaysia, most visitors come to Bintan by sea. From Singapore, there are 3 ferry options (Penguin, Indo Falcon, and Diamond/Webmaster) that offer regular services from Tanah Merah Port in Singapore to Sri Bintan Pura Port in Tanjung Pinang and Bandar Bintan Telani Port in Bintan Resort. From Johor Bahru, Malaysia, there are 5 ferries that serve daily schedules between Johor Bahru Ferry Port to Sri Bintan Tanjung Pura Port, Tanjung Pinang.


Pesona friends who fly from Jakarta, can choose the airline to Haji Fisabilillah Airport on Bintan Island. There are several airlines that you can use, including Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air. For more information about the airport or flight schedules, you can see this link.

Traveling around Bintan
As a mainstay tourist destination in the Riau Islands, access to tourist destinations in Bintan is very easy. There are already taxis and car rentals, as well as buses that can be easily found, both at the ferry port and at the resort. In fact, most resorts in Bintan are equipped with shuttle buses, you know! There are also motorcycle rentals along the island for those who feel more comfortable exploring Bintan on two wheels.

Tourist Attractions
There are several interesting tourist attractions in Bintan that are a pity for Pesona Pals to miss. What are they? Here are the recommendations!

Anmon Resort Lagoi

Directly facing the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia, Treasure Bay, The Anmon Resort is the best option for your stay. This international standard resort in the Lagoi area offers a glamping concept with super luxurious facilities equivalent to a five-star hotel, such as swimming pools, restaurants, meeting rooms, bars, and free internet access. The appeal of this resort lies in its unique room design, which is in the form of a koppel cone with a romantic feel.

Penyengat Island

This island was once the center of the Riau-Lingga Malay Kingdom. While here, you can visit the Sultan’s Palace which has a blend of Javanese and colonial architectural styles. Another famous landmark on the island is the Great Mosque of the Sultan of Riau. Uniquely, this mosque was built using a mixture of egg white and lime as cement! Very interesting, right?

Trikora Beach

When walking towards the east coast of Bintan Island, you will find an amazingly beautiful beach, Trikora Beach. Trikora Beach is famous for its crystal-clear water and rich marine life, so in addition to relaxing, Trikora Beach is often used as the most famous snorkeling destination.

Senggarang and Sebung Village
For Pesona Pals who want to dive into the local wisdom of the local community, don’t forget to visit Senggarang and Sebung Villages. In Senggarang Village, you will feel the blend of culture and tradition of the archipelago and China is very thick. There is also a famous Chinese-style temple that you can visit while you are here.

Different from Senggarang Village, in Sebung Village, you will see the activities of the people in this village who are mostly fishermen. In addition, Sebung Village is also a suitable place for those who are looking for the best processed seafood on Bintan Island. Located near the Sebung River, this village serves fresh seafood in floating restaurants, or often called Kelong. While enjoying a delicious meal, your eyes will be spoiled with stunning views of the mangrove forest.


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