teradesa.com  Lakes with blue water will look very amazing, this rare sight can be found at Batu Padas Mining Lake Central Lampung or also known as Blue Lake Central Lampung.

This location, which used to be a mining area, has now become the hunt for travelers to enjoy its beauty. The blue color of the lake blends nicely with the light brown cliffs of the land. This two-color collaboration is a sight that will rarely be found in other locations. For selfie hunters, this location is a paradise.

Address and Travel Route to Blue Lake
The address is in Payung Mulya Village, Pubian District, The route to the Batu Padas Limestone Mine can be taken from Pringsewu. From the center of Pringsewu City towards Sukoharjo, then towards Kalirejo and continued again towards Sendang Agung. After about two hours you will reach Payung Rejo.

Until Payung Rejo Market (there is a monument in the middle) continue for about 200 meters there is a T-junction. After that, immediately turn towards SMPN 3 Pubian, then continue straight. There are oil palm plantations and sand mines that will be passed. If you have arrived there, there will be a signpost or road signpost to the Blue Lake Batu Padas Mine Central Lampung.

There is no public transportation to get to this location. Therefore visitors are advised to bring a private vehicle. For routes from Bandar Lampung, you can go to Pringsewu first. Then continue the route as described. From Bandar Lampung the travel time is about three hours.

Entrance Ticket Price
At this location there is no admission fee, so visitors do not need to spend money to enter the tourist attraction. However, if there is a parking lot, visitors can pay at the customary rate.

Arriving here, visitors will be greeted with a blue lake which is certainly very beautiful. The water is very clear like glass so it looks light blue. Some puddles that form ponds or lakes are allegedly from rainwater which then stagnates on the former mining land.

From above the height of this lake looks like a blue crater on arid land. The location of this Blue lake is below, from the top of the mound of land actually not only the view of the sanau is visible.

There are also photogenic mounds of land and also green views of hills and plantations. From the top of the mound of land above the lake is an interesting and suitable angle for taking pictures. From there you will see this exotic blue lake.

Blue Lake is a Heavenly Selfie Spot
The beauty of this lake creates extraordinary shots. This is what attracts travelers to come to it. This instagramable, unique and interesting location will rarely be found in other locations.

Therefore, if you have managed to set foot here, it is not complete if you don’t take pictures and post them on social media. It’s even cooler if you bring equipment such as a rubber boat that can float on the lake.

While posing and riding a boat on the blue lake will produce amazing shots. In the middle of the lake there is also a dirt road that can be passed, visitors can pose as if they are walking among the blue of this lake.

This tourist location that hits because it is photogenic is worth making a list of traveling visits, especially for those of you who are fond of taking selfies. The panorama of this lake is different from that presented in other lakes in Central Lampung such as Bekri Lake and Tirta Gangga Lake.

Thus the information related to Central Lampung Blue Lake or exotic Central Lampung Batu Padas Mine Lake. Hopefully it can be your vacation reference.


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