teradesa.com  Pacitan Regency is famous as an area that has a line of beautiful white sand beaches on the south coast. One of them is Buyutan Beach. This beach is one of the best beaches in Pacitan.

The beach is still very natural with white sand that stretches beautifully. Coupled with the beauty of the coral clusters shaped like the crown of god that characterizes this beach.

The waves on this beach are quite large. Buyutan Beach is located on the coast of the Java Sea, which is famous for having big waves. For safety, tourists are strictly prohibited from swimming on this beach.

Buyutan Beach has a fairly wide coastline, so it can accommodate many people. The white beach area is in the east, while the western part is a rocky beach. The texture of the sand here is very soft. Tourists can enjoy the beach area by playing with sand to sunbathe.

Tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Buyutan Beach from a height. There is a cliff area located to the east before the road down. At the end of the cliff visitors will be presented with an open view towards Buyutan Beach.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, tourists will also be presented with the beauty of the cluster of corals. The coral area is a spot for diving or snorkeling.

Buyutan Beach Address
Widoro Village, Bolo, Kalak, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

Opening Hours
Every day. Open 24 hours.

Entrance Ticket Price
Entrance Ticket Price: IDR 10,000,-
Car parking fee Rp.5.000,-
Motorcycle parking fee Rp.2.000,-
Camping ticket Rp.15.000,-

Route to Buyutan Beach
The distance of Buyutan Beach from the city of Pacitan is about 33 Km. With a travel time of about 1 hour.

The route to Buyutan Beach from Pacitan city can be through Pacitan Pringkuku road – Pacitan Donorojo road. Continue the journey towards Goa Gong and Klayar Beach. Take the direction to Kalak Village. At the T-junction turn left until you pass the Kalak Market.

Continue to Widoro village until you reach a T-junction. From here there is a signpost, follow it to Buyutan Beach.

To reach the location of Buyutan Beach, tourists have to race a little with fatigue. The road is narrow with many ups and downs. To get to tourist sites can be reached using vehicles such as motorbikes and cars.

What’s on Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach is one of the best beaches in Pacitan Regency. This Buyutan Beach area is still very natural. There are many exciting and interesting activities that you can do here.

Enjoying the Beach Area
Buyutan Beach offers a view with a very charming coastal panorama. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, there are beautiful hills and sabanaya. A dazzling stretch of white sand with a view of the coral clusters.

The waves here are quite large, given the location of Buyutan Beach on the coast of the Java Sea. Tourists can play in the sand and sunbathe while enjoying its natural beauty. For safety, visitors are strictly prohibited from swimming on this beach.

One of the attractions and uniqueness of Buyutan Beach is the cluster of coral reefs in the offshore area. Each of these rocks has a name. They are Watu Bale, Watu Pasar, Watu Kerun, Watu Kenong, and Watu Narada.

The naming of Watu Narada cannot be separated from the legend that exists on Buyutan Beach. The shape of the stone resembles a crown. Based on the legend, the stone is the crown of Lord Narada in the Javanese puppet story. It is said that when he flew over Buyutan Beach his crown fell. Therefore, the rock looks like a crown and is called Watu Narada.

The beauty of Buyutan Beach from a height
One of the best places to view and enjoy the beauty of Buyutan Beach is from a height. To the east before the road goes down there is a cliff area. There you will be presented with an open view towards Buyutan Beach.

The location of the cliff area can be reached on foot. Tourists will be presented with the charming beauty of Buyutan Beach. The stretching white sand coastline blends with the sea water and blue sky. A stunning view of green hills. And the line of seaside cliffs that extend to the west.

White Sand Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach has a wide stretch of coastline, so it can accommodate many people. The east is a white sand beach area and the west is a rocky beach.

Tourists can enjoy the beach area by exploring on foot from east to west. when not tide, the oak on this beach is not too big. Visitors can play sand on the beach, for swimming activities are strictly prohibited on this beach considering the large waves and danger.

Diving and Snorkeling Spot
With these nests, tourist friends can take advantage of diving and snorkeling activities. For those of you who do not bring the equipment, you can rent it at the rental place that is already available.

Mini Waterfall
Visiting the Buyutan Beach tourist attraction, you will also be treated to the view of a mini waterfall. To reach the location of this mini waterfall you have to pass through a fairly challenging road. It is located straight to the east of Buyutan beach.

This mini waterfall is a river that flows down directly into the sea. Making the scenery very impressive. Visitors can take selfies at the location of this waterfall, but it is advisable to remain careful.

Buyutan Beach is also a favorite place for camping activities. During the holiday season or weekend, many tourists visit to camp in this place. The location is in a fairly large savanna area, not too far from the sea.

Photo Hunting
Buyutan Beach has a beautiful scenery that is suitable for selfie activities. It has many interesting photo spots. Tourists can take photos from various angles. The favorite and most visited photo spots are the coral location and the location on the cliff.

Sunset at Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach also offers a very stunning Sunset view. This beach is one of the favorite places to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Buyutan Beach has a high cliff area. This cliff is a favorite location to watch the beauty of the sunset. Not a few visitors stop their activities to witness the beauty of the sunset view from the top of this cliff.

Monkey Habitat
Buyutan Beach is a tourist area that is still very natural. In this place you can find monkeys on the way from the parking area to the top of the cliff. This type of monkey in Buyutan Beach is a type of long-tailed macaque.

Buyutan Beach Facilities
The following are public facilities and facilities available at Buyutan Beach tourist attraction.

-Parking area
-Public toilet
-Prayer room
-Clean water facilities
-Snack stalls
-Canteen / restaurant
-Relaxing area
-Camping area
-Photo spots and more



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