teradesa.com  Bekri Lake tourist spot in Central Lampung is a lake formed from two lakes that become one, which is a tourist destination that is quite crowded visited by residents of Central Lampung and its surroundings.

Uniquely this lake in the middle – there is a place that looks like an island, but is actually just a pile of soil that rises. However, this location is often used as a selfie object.

In addition, around Lake Bekri there is a wooden bridge that connects the edge of the lake to the small island, so visitors can enjoy the beauty of the lake from up close.

Lake Bekri is located in Seputih Mataram, Central Lampung and can be accessed by two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. Parking here is cheap, only Rp 5,000 for motorcycles and Rp 10,000 for cars.


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