teradesa.com Batu Lapis Beach is a natural wonder in Lampung Province. Where almost all the beaches are filled with very beautiful rocks.

Lampung Province is indeed very famous for several beach tourist destinations, namely Pahawang Island and Ketapang Beach which have beaches with very beautiful sand and very clear sea water.

But for the tourist destination that we will discuss this time is indeed a little different, because in general the beach has clean and soft sand, but not with this beach, the beach at Batu Lapis, yes that is the name. This beach only contains beautiful rocks and shady trees. for more details let’s review.

Batu Lapis Beach
As the name suggests, it is a layered stone beach. People call it layered stone beach because the structure of the rocks on this beach is stacked, so that it forms a layered layer, which is what makes this beach nicknamed as Lapis Stone Beach.

Besides you are presented by the beauty of the rocks on Batu Lapis Beach, you are also presented by some of the natural beauty around it that still looks very beautiful, so there is a lot of beauty that you can enjoy when you are at Batu Lapis Beach.

To find out complete information about the location, entrance ticket prices and facilities available at Batu Lapis Beach, let’s look at the information below.

Entrance Ticket Price to Lapis New Beach
Visitors who come traveling to Batu Lapis Beach will be charged a fairly cheap entrance fee, for the entrance ticket to Batu Lapis Beach visitors only need to pay Rp. 10,000, – per person. very affordable yes, when compared to the beauty provided.

While at Batu Lapis Beach, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it by taking selfies with your friends, or making a vlog video for your vacation documentation.

Location of Batu Lapis Beach
Batu Lapis Beach is located on Jalan Haji Heran Penengahan No. 4 Toto Harjo, Bakauheni District, South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province Postal Code 35552.

Actually the location is not too far from the city center, namely kalianda. For the travel route to this lapis stone patai you are quite easy, you only need to use google maps to guide it, and if you are still a little confused, here we give a little description to Batu Lapis Beach.

There are two alternative access roads that you can use, the first is from Bandar Lampung if residents who live around Bandar Lampung or you are a tourist who uses the plane as a medium of transportation to visit Lampung.

From Bandar Lampung you can use the Trans Sumatra Toll Road and exit at the Gayam Toll Gate, after that head to Kalianda. After arriving in Kalianda, look for the entrance road next to the Great Mosque, follow the road to the village of Totoharjo, not far from there you will find Batu Lapis Beach.

The second alternative is from the Bakauheni crossing port, if you are a resident around Bakauheni or a tourist who uses sea transportation media. After exiting the port, you should immediately enter the trans-Sumatra toll road to the exit at gayam. just like the alternative road above, just follow the route.

Facilities at Batu Lapis Beach
When you are at Batu Lapis Beach there are several facilities that you can enjoy, starting from the beauty of the bluish green sea water and the rocks on the shore.

Some visitors who come to Batu Lapis Beach take advantage of the moment by taking pictures in several angles that are considered very beautiful to be used as photo spots.

Not only that, some visitors also use it as a place to picnic together with their relatives by bringing equipment that will be used for a vacation.

Tips for Traveling to Lapis Stone Beach
Before you decide to travel to Batu Lapis Beach, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following tips, so that your tour is enjoyable and memorable.

The first tip you need to pay attention to is to bring a cup of food, considering that traders who sell on this beach usually only sell on holidays, so it’s a good idea to prepare food if there are no traders selling.

The second tip is to always keep the beach clean, by not throwing garbage carelessly and not crossing out the rocks around the beach.


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