teradesa.com Covering an area of around 1,390,000 ha and a combination of several other islands, Hoga Island is located to the east of Kaledupa Island.

Hoga Island is one of the beautiful islands included in the Wakatobi Islands region, Southeast Sulawesi or commonly referred to as the Wakatobi Islands National Park. Having an area of about 1,390,000 ha which is a combination of several other islands, Hoga Island is located to the east of Kaledupa Island. In addition to Kaledupa Island, in the vicinity there are also several other small islands such as Tomia Island, Wangi-Wangi Island, Binongko Island and Kapota Island.

Access to Hoga Island can be started from Kendari or Bau-Bau first, then crossing to Hoga Island. Visitors can also rent a speedboat from the dock in Wanci, Wakatobi Regency with a rental fee of around IDR 150,000 for about 2 hours.

Hoga Island is one of the favorite destinations for visitors to Wakatobi National Park. On this island visitors will get a quiet island atmosphere, away from the crowds with a combination of coconut trees and white sand that covers the beach. This island is perfect for relaxing for a moment from the saturation of the city, while accompanied by the sea breeze and the waves that are not too big. With this calm atmosphere, many visitors spend their time just relaxing with family or traveling companions after diving activities.

For diving and underwater lovers, there are 29 dive spots scattered in Wakatobi waters, including Pinnacle, Kaledupa Coral on Kaledupa Island with a typical table coral (table-shaped coral) with a size of 2-3 meters and Mari Mabuk Coral on Tomia Island. Even for those who don’t want to do diving or snorkeling activities, you can enjoy the underwater scenery on Hoga Island without having to dive further in. The island has 750 coral species out of around 850 in the world.

In addition to corals with all their unique shapes, you will also find various types of fish and even small seahorses on this island. There are at least 83 types of colorful fish that visitors will encounter on this island. The right time to visit Hoga Island is around April to June or in October to December each year. If visitors come at the right time, they can see the attraction of turtles laying eggs on the coast.

If you plan to stay on Hoga Island, there is no need to worry, because there are many types of lodging or homestays that are comfortable and of course can be adjusted to your travel budget. The cost of lodging on Hoga Island ranges from IDR 150,000 per night, and almost all types of lodging are made of wood which adds to the atmosphere of a typical beach house.

Hoga Island is also famous for its beautiful combination of sky colors at dusk, tempting everyone to visit this beautiful island. So, are you still hesitant to visit Hoga Island in Wakatobi?


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