teradesa.com In the Islamic world, Egypt is famous as a place for the growth and development of Tariqat. One of them is the Ja’fariyah Tariqat founded by Sheikh Sholeh Ja’fari. This tariqat has followers scattered in various parts of the world.

Sheikh Sholeh Ja’fari’s tomb is in a mosque in Cairo. Next to his tomb, there is a mini museum containing the relics of the Mursyid Thariqat Ja’fariyah, including one of the footprints on wood which is believed to belong to the Prophet Muhammad.

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Deputy Chairman of the Da’wah Institute of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board, KH Muhammad Nur Hayid, captured the object. The young preacher, who is familiarly called Gus Hayid, said that such objects are indeed closely related to Sufi scholars.

According to Gus Hayid, objects claimed to be related to the Prophet are often debated. Especially when talking about its authenticity.

“If objects such as the footprints of the Prophet Muhammad in the photo are still a matter of debate,” Gus Hayid told Dream.

However, Gus Hayid added, there are characteristics to recognize an object related to the Prophet. At least there is a description of the object.

“At least you can see that there is nasyarun nabawiyyah written on it. So the former qudamah or qidam an nabawiyyah. Is it the wood that the Prophet once stepped on and then carved or the size of the Prophet’s foot like that, wallahu ‘alam,” he said.

The Specialty of Al ‘Arif Billah
Gus Hayid continued, the figures who are called al ‘arif billah or lovers of Allah are believed to have the ability to meet the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The method can vary both in dreams and in a state of consciousness.

As mentioned in a history, Imam Jalaluddin Abdurrahman Al Suyuti met the Prophet 70 times in a state of consciousness. In fact, said Gus Hayid, the scholar lived at a time far from the Prophet.

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“Imam Jalaluddin Abdurrahman Al Suyuti lived in the period from 800s to 900s Hijri, which is a very long time from the Prophet, almost 800 to 900 years,” he said.

According to Gus Hayid, this event can only happen if someone is close to Allah and the Prophet. It could also be because it has a lineage or descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

As in Sheikh Sholeh Ja’fari who does have a lineage to the Prophet. According to Gus Hayid, the Mursyid once met the Prophet.

“When he met the Prophet, maybe his shadow set foot on the wood and then the wood was saved and immortalized. Maybe so. It does not mean that the original wood that the Prophet stepped on was brought,” he said.


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