teradesa.com  Papua has a variety of interesting and challenging tourist destinations to visit. One of them is Puncak Jayawijaya, which is the highest mountain in Indonesia. Its height of 4,884 meters above sea level makes eternal snow cover the top of this mountain in Papua province.

However, due to global warming, the eternal snow of Puncak Jayawijaya is now starting to shrink. It is even expected to dry up. The various obstacles on this mountain are certainly a challenge for true climbers.

Jayawijaya Peak Tourism Attraction
Jayawijaya Peak Tourism provides the charm of unique and spectacular natural beauty. The existence of thick snow at the peak is one of the features of this mountain.

This mountain is also the highest mountain in Indonesia. The climbing path, which is quite extreme and challenging, is a special attraction for climbers in Indonesia and around the world.

So that when climbing can be safer and more enjoyable, you can use the services of an Indonesian tour guide. Accompanied by the tour guide service, the climbing adventure will be more memorable.

Accommodation and Facilities Provided
The location to Puncak Jayawijaya is still fairly natural and the path is quite extreme to pass. Therefore, the accommodation and facilities provided are also very minimal. Climbers can only get one lodging accommodation available on the hiking trail, namely the basecamp.

After the basecamp, climbers can only use tents as a place to stay. For climbers who are interested in using transportation facilities are also available and offered by travel agent services.

In addition, for every climber who uses transportation services can also enjoy additional facilities provided. These facilities are usually in the form of insurance, Papuan tour guide services, and short training before starting the climb.

Access Location of Jayawijaya Peak Tourism
Jayawijaya Peak Tourism is located in Papua, which is precisely located in the Sudirman Jayawijaya mountain range. This mountain is one of the attractions whose path is very extreme to pass. Even some specific times there is a problem that makes it unable to be climbed.

Given the dangerous and steep climbing path, most climbers use the services of travel agents. Besides that, you can also use the services of a Papua tour guide. So that climbing adventure activities can be safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.


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