teradesa.com  Located in a mountainous area bordering Ponorogo Regency. The Curug Gringsing area is still very beautiful and natural. A hidden natural beauty on the north side of Pacitan.

Jurug or Curug means waterfall. Meanwhile, Gringsing itself is the name of a waterfall located in Krajan Gringsing Hamlet, Tegalombo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

A stepped waterfall that offers the charm of a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a natural panorama that is still beautiful and natural. Jurug Gringsing has a height of about 20 meters with clear water flow. The area around Jurug Gringsing is still very natural. Filled with clusters of natural mountain cliffs and large chunks of black rock.

Entering the rainy season, the volume of water flowing in Jurug will be even heavier. Making the panorama of the waterfall falling into the river below a charming sight. Large and sturdy rocks with irregular shapes around it make this waterfall look like a step.

The natural atmosphere is very cool. The surroundings are surrounded by beautiful trees and green rice terraces. A charming natural scenery that really spoils the eyes.

Jurug Gringsing Address
Krajan Gringsing Hamlet, Ploso Village, Tegalombo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

Entrance Ticket Price
The entrance ticket price is Rp.10.000,-/person.
Motorcycle parking Rp.2,000,-
Car parking Rp.5.000,-

Route to Jurug Gringsing
Jurug Gringsing distance from Pacitan city center is about 50 Km. With a travel time of about 1 hour.

The route to Jurug Gringsing can be from the direction of Ponorogo or Pacitan. Can pass through the Gemaharjo Village terminal towards Bandar District. The distance from the direction of the Gemaharjo Village terminal to the tourist site is about 3 kilometers. Or from the T-junction towards Ponorogo then take the direction to Ploso Village about 8 km.

To get to Jurug Gringsing tourist attraction, tourists can use vehicles such as motorbikes or cars. The road access is quite good and paved. However, your vehicle cannot enter until approaching the waterfall area.

To reach the waterfall location, your vehicle must be parked around the roadside area in the direction of the tourist entrance. Next, walk towards the location of Jurug Gringsing with a distance of about 200 meters.

What’s in Jurug Gringsing
Jurug Gringsing tourist attraction is located in a mountainous area. It offers beautiful and amazing natural scenery. The beauty of the waterfall with large rocks is surrounded by a beautiful natural panorama and is still very natural.

View of the Waterfall
In this tourist attraction, you will be greeted with a beautiful waterfall view. Panoramic stepped waterfall that falls down the river. Large black rocks that are sturdy behind the waterfall add to the beautiful scenery here.

playing water in jurug gringsing
During the rainy season, the volume of water in Jurug is increasing. With the water getting heavier, it adds to the beauty of the waterfall that falls down the river into an amazing view. Here tourists can also feel the freshness of the waterfall by playing water.

Natural Panorama Around Jurug Gringsing
Jurug Gringsing area is surrounded by nature that is still very natural. Beautiful green trees around the jurug make the atmosphere even cooler. Coupled with the view of the rice terraces that soothe the eyes.

Photo Spot
Not only enjoying the natural panorama. In Jurug Gringsing there is also a heart-shaped photo spot. A photo spot made of bamboo and shaped like a symbol of love.

It is located right on a small hill with Jurug Gringsing waterfall as the background. You can also take pictures with the background of the waterfall and the beautiful panorama of the surrounding nature.


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