teradesa.com  Klayar Beach Pacitan East Java is one of the tourist attractions in Pacitan that is starting to be widely recognized by tourists. Klayar Beach began to rise in name and became a visitor’s vacation destination after being exposed on social media and the internet.

This beach is still included in the south coast series, so it offers a typical south coast atmosphere such as big waves, white sand beaches, and beautiful coastal landscapes.

At Klayar Beach, this is coupled with unique landscapes such as sphinx-like rocks. Well, it’s a bit like that. The location of this cliff is on the east side.

The natural conditions are quite unique and beautiful. On this beach you can enjoy a blend of beaches with vast stretches of sand, rows of high cliffs, and towering rocks.

Another uniqueness, on this beach there is a natural coral crack that spouts water. If there is a big wave coming, the wave water is trapped and shoots up to a height of 10 meters. Quite unique too, you know.

Location of Klayar Beach Pacitan
The location of Klayar Beach Pacitan is located in Kalak village, Donorojo sub-district, approximately 35 KM to the west of Pacitan city. The trip here can be taken approximately 1 hour from the city of Pacitan.

The road conditions include a fairly narrow road, with its winding and up-and-down route. Along the way there are many interesting hills and caves.

Many of the hills around the beach can be climbed by visitors. You can find better and more beautiful views from the height of the hills and cliffs around the beach. But if you climb the hills and cliffs around the beach, you must be careful. The facilities to the top of the cliffs and hills, as well as the existing security facilities are still fairly minimal.

But all that pays off with the beauty of the beach seen from a height.

Klayar Beach Entrance Ticket Price
Entrance ticket price: IDR 10,000/person
Motorcycle parking: Rp 2000
Car parking: Rp 5000
Bus parking: IDR 10,000

Tourism at Klayar Beach
This beach can be said to be still quite natural, visitors are still relatively few. Even so, in this place you can find a combination of the natural beauty of a typical beach, soft white sand, and a unique coral landscape.

The panoramic sunset on this beach is often the object of hunt for photographers.

In addition, on this beach there are also unique sea water spouts that are formed naturally. The contour of the cliff is ubik, where there is a hollow at the bottom and coral fractures cause the incoming waves to be pushed into this fracture, and spray quite high accompanied by a whistling sound like a flute.

Because of this, it is also known as the sea flute by visitors.

It should be noted that tourists are prohibited from swimming on this beach, because the condition of the waves is large and there are corals that are dangerous if we swim and bump.

Klayar Beach Route
So far to get to the location you still have to use a private vehicle. There is no public transportation that specifically goes there.

Klayar beach route from Solo, you can go through Pracimantoro sub-district until the Giribelah T-junction. From there turn right until you reach the Kalak intersection. From there Klayar Beach is approximately 1 hour away.

Klayar beach route from Yogyakarta, then the route that can be taken is through the route Pathuk – Wonosari – Pracimantoro – Giribelah – Punung – Klayar Beach.


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