teradesa.com Lake Ranau is the second largest lake in Sumatra, after Lake Toba. The location of Lake Ranau covers three sub-districts in South Ogan Komering Ulu Regency, including:

-BPR Ranau Tengah,
-Warkuk Ranau Selatan,
-Banding Agung.

Actually, the location of Lake Ranau is located on the border between two regencies in 2 provinces on the island of Sumatra, namely:

South Ogan Komering Ulu Regency, South Sumatra Province,
and West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province.
As with other tourist attractions in Indonesia, every tourist attraction has a positive impact on the surrounding environment, especially in terms of the economy.

Likewise with Lake Ranau tourism, currently the arrangement of facilities in the area is getting better, especially in terms of lodging facilities, hotels, or resorts.

The arrangement of the area around Lake Ranau, in the end, increasingly radiates the charm of beauty that is able to bring visitors, both local, national, and even there are also foreign tourists who come.

And here is the complete information of Lake Ranau that we have prepared for you, as an initial reference to determine tourist attractions in Ogan Komering Ulu, when the holidays arrive.

But, visitors must still comply with the health protocols set by the government, and the management…

Location and Address of Lake Ranau
The location of Lake Ranau is on the border of two provinces namely Lampung and South Sumatra.

Route to Lake Ranau
The route to Lake Ranau if moving from the direction of Bandar Lampung, just drive the vehicle towards Kota Bumi, then continue until arriving at Bukit Kemuning.

After that, continue towards Batu City until arriving at Lake Ranau. With an estimated travel time of about 6 to 7 hours.

Road access to Lake Ranau is not so wide, even so it can still be passed by motorbikes and cars. It’s just better you use a two-wheeled vehicle.

Lake Ranau Entrance Ticket
To enjoy the beauty of Lake Ranau, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket. The cost you have to spend when you want to enjoy the rides around Lake Ranau.

Attractions of Lake Ranau
1. Lake Charm
The first attraction of Lake Ranau is of course the existence of the 2nd largest lake after Lake Toba. Lake Ranau has an area of about 125 kilometers, and has a depth of about 229 meters.

Lake Ranau is classified as a volcanic lake. In other words, the history of Lake Ranau was formed due to earthquakes and volcanic explosions.

The natural phenomenon caused a large basin, or lake. The main water flow of Lake Ranau comes from the Warkuk River.

Currently, Lake Ranau is used as a tourist attraction, as well as a source of water or irrigation for the community.

2. Attractions Near Lake Ranau
Lake Ranau Tourism turns out to have another charm in the form of other attractions besides the lake. These attractions are still in one area, and the distance is quite close.

The attractions in Lake Ranau are as follows:

Mariza Island,
Seminung Mountain,
Subik Tuha Waterfall,
Hot spring,
Rainbow Beach,
Bidadari Beach,

3. Tourism Activities
The next attraction of Lake Ranau is its tourism activities. As for some tourist activities that can be done at Lake Ranau are as follows:

Lake cruising,
Motor Traill Adventure,
Road Bike Touring.

4. Comfortable Facilities
The famous facilities in Lake Ranau tourism are the lodging facilities which are very comfortable, have cool air, and charming natural views.


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