teradesa.com Lake Toba is an amazing natural wonder. The lake is thought to have formed from the violent eruption of a volcano, Mount Toba, which occurred around 74,000 years ago. With an area of more than 1,145 square kilometers and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean than a lake. In the center of the world’s largest volcanic lake is also a sizable island, Samosir Island.
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A relaxing place
Lake Toba is the perfect place to relax, because the air is very cool and the atmosphere is very calm. Of course, because Lake Toba is located at 900 meters above sea level. In addition to the stunning panorama of the lake, Pesona Friend will also be presented with a beautiful view of a row of mountains and green trees that refresh the eyes. Anyway, suitable to be a place to unwind, deh!

How to get to Lake Toba

If you plan to go to Lake Toba using air transportation, there are two routes to choose from. The first option, from Kualanamu International Airport, Medan, you can take a plane to Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport located in Siborongborong, North Tapanuli. Then, from this airport, you can continue your trip to Lake Toba by land.

The second option, you can directly choose a flight to Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport from Jakarta or from several other major cities. Check the availability of airlines from your area first, Charming Friend!

Land Route
Well, if you use the land route from Medan, you can use the Medan-Parapat bus route which can be reached in approximately 4 hours. However, if you want to take a more personal and relaxed trip, there are also travel agents in Medan city that can help you to arrange car rental and driver to Lake Toba.

You can also continue your trip from Lake Toba to Samosir Island. The option is to take a ferry scheduled to depart every one hour at Ajibata Port to Tomok Port. Alternatively, you can also depart from Muara Harbor to Sipinggan Harbor where the boat is scheduled to depart only twice a day, at 06.30 WIB and 15.00 WIB. This schedule can change at any time, make sure you always look for the latest info!

What can be done while at Lake Toba?
There are so many activities that you can do while on Lake Toba. You can rent a motorcycle to go around the Samosir Island area. Don’t forget to stop by the peak, because the view is even more beautiful when viewed from a height. Meanwhile, if you stop by Tuktuk Village, the best way to enjoy the island is by walking and walking down the main streets of the cool and beautiful village.

The attraction of Lake Toba
There are so many ways for you to enjoy the natural scenery of Lake Toba and its surroundings. For those who like water sports, circling Lake Toba by kayak is something you can try when you come here. There are three routes that you can take when exploring Lake Toba by kayak. The easy route Tongging – Silalahi along 12 km, a fairly challenging route Tongging – Samosir about 50 km, the last is a very difficult route which is the North Circle as far as 175 km.

Near Lake Toba there are also two museums that are rich in history and culture of the Batak Tribe, namely Tomok Museum and Huta Bolon Museum. At Tomok Museum, you can see a museum in the form of a traditional Toba Batak house that is hundreds of years old but still neat, sturdy, and maintained. Meanwhile, at the Huta Bolon Museum, you will be amazed by the carvings and typical Batak ornaments called gorga which are part of the museum building.

Another unique thing that you can find in the Lake Toba area is a life-sized wooden doll named Sigale-gale. Sigale-gale is known for its mystique and the myths attached to it. Local people believe that Sigale-gale dolls can dance and wail by themselves without music. Some of them also say that Sigale-gale dolls can only be placed inside a chest. This doll is also usually used in family death ceremonies in the Samosir area, because local people believe that the Sigale-gale dance will deliver their dead spirits to the afterlife.

Well, for Pesona Pals who are looking for souvenirs, ulos cloth is a mandatory souvenir when visiting Lake Toba. Not only serves as clothing, ulos is also believed to be a symbol of social status and is often used in various important celebrations, such as birth and marriage. In addition to ulos, there are also original wood carvings with unique and interesting shapes that can be made as souvenirs. For Pesona Pals who love drinking coffee, make sure not to forget to buy the famous types of coffee from Lake Toba, such as lintong coffee and sidikalang coffee, yes! See you at Lake Toba, Charming Friend!


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