teradesa.com  Losari Beach is a tourist icon of Makassar City, South Sulawesi (Sulsel). Losari Beach is a beach area located in the west of Makassar City.
For the people of Makassar, Losari Beach is a space for social interaction, and a place to spend time relaxing. Losari Beach is like a miniature of South Sulawesi.

In this tourist location, visitors can see a number of cultural icons typical of South Sulawesi. One of them is the writing of the names of the major tribes in South Sulawesi on each platform. Among them are Bugis, Makassar, Toraja and Mandar.

In addition, visitors can also see rows of statues of South Sulawesi heroes. Such as Sultan Hasanuddin, Arung Palakka, Sultan Alauddin, and other statues of figures that stand majestically on the Losari Beach platform.

Route to Losari Beach
Losari Beach is located on Jalan Tanjung Bunga, Maloku Village, Ujung Pandang District, Makassar City. The location is very strategic and easily accessible.

Losari Beach can be reached by private or public transportation. If departing from Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, the average travel time is 40 minutes via the toll road.

However, if departing from Soekarno Hatta Port, the travel time to arrive at Losari Beach is approximately 20 minutes.

Losari Beach does not have specific operating hours so it can be said to be open 24 hours. However, visitors are usually crowded at 15.00 Wita until 22.00 Wita.

Visitors are not charged an entrance ticket in the Losari Beach area. It’s just that visitors will be charged a parking fee around the beach area.

Losari Beach Tourism Facilities
Losari Beach as a tourist area offers complete facilities that pamper its visitors. Starting from a place to relax, worship to culinary.

The following facilities are available at Losari Beach that visitors can enjoy.

Sunset Spot
Visiting a tourist spot certainly wants to enjoy a beautiful view or culinary specialties. Losari Beach offers both, because in this tourist spot there is a spot to enjoy the sunset while enjoying the typical Makassar culinary Pisang Epe.

At the Losari Beach platform, visitors can enjoy the sunset especially if the weather is sunny when visiting. This moment is certainly not to be missed.

Floating Mosque
Visitors to Losari Beach can also do religious tourism at one of the iconic mosques in Makassar, the Amirul Mukminin floating mosque. So that visitors who are Muslims can travel while worshiping.

Amirul Mukminin Mosque has a shape like a traditional South Sulawesi traditional house. The mosque began construction in 2009 and was completed in December 2012, which was then inaugurated by Jusuf Kalla.

Water Rides
Not only enjoying the scenery, at Losari Beach visitors can also try a number of water rides.

Visitors can try a number of water rides to get around Losari Beach. The available water rides include boats, water bikes, and banana boats.

Pinisi Ship
In the Losari Beach area, visitors can also rent a Pinisi Ship available at the Losari Beach letter platform. Right behind it there is a dock for Pinisi boat access.

The Pinisi ship is ready to take visitors around the beach and the island around Losari Beach.

Makassar’s Typical Culinary Center
At Losari Beach, visitors can enjoy typical Makassar culinary offerings, one of which is banana epe. In fact, Losari Beach is a popular banana epe culinary center.

Pisang epe is a raw or half-ripe banana that is burned, then made flat, and mixed with brown sugar water. This banana epe is best enjoyed when it is still warm by drinking sarabba (Makassar’s specialty ginger drink).

History of Losari Beach
Quoted from Nur Adyla Suriadi’s thesis entitled “Structuring the Losari Beach Area as Urban Tourism in Makassar City”, before it was known as Losari Beach, the area was a fish market. At that time there were many indigenous traders who sold along the beach, in the morning it was used as a fish market, while in the afternoon it was used by other traders to sell peanuts, epe bananas and other Makassar snacks.
snacks typical of Makassar.

The construction of Losari beach began in 1945, the first additional beach building was made. The design of the 910-meter-long concrete ground floor was initiated by the Government of the Mayor of Makassar, DM van Switten (1945-1946).

During the NICA administration, the installation of the floor was intended to protect several spots and strategic facilities for residents on Jalan Penghibur from the swift waves of the Makassar Strait.

Year by year Losari Beach continues to change, from a shoreline that is nothing to a new crowd center that then comes many street vendors to sell typical Makassar snacks. Today, Losari Beach is known as the icon of Makassar and the culinary center of Makassar.


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