teradesa.com Stretching from Sabang to Merauke, reviewing the charm of #DiIndonesiaAja tourist destinations will never end. Isn’t it true, Friend of Enchantment? Well, one of the hidden pieces of heaven on Mother Earth can be found in NTB. Precisely in Central Lombok and a favorite of sports tourism lovers, especially if it’s not Mandalika!

It turns out, it’s not just the world-class Mandalika Circuit icon that will spoil your Charm Friend when playing in an area that has this beautiful woven fabric. But, there are also natural tourist destinations, culinary, to cultural wealth. Let’s find out more information below!

There is a legend or famous folklore in Mandalika, namely the legend of Putri Mandalika which is the origin of the name of the area. She was a beautiful daughter of a prominent Sasak tribal figure and her charm hypnotized all men, even outside Lombok. Then, one day Princess Mandalika was overwhelmed by the many proposals of the suitors and decided to calm herself by meditating. The next day, Princess Mandalika gathered all the men who liked her at Bukit Seger.

Instead of choosing one proposal, it turns out that the beautiful princess actually threw her body into the waves of Seger Beach and disappeared without a trace. Uniquely, after the princess disappeared, Seger Beach was then filled with colorful sea worms. Local people also believe the sea worms to be another form of Princess Mandalika.

With the legend of Putri Mandalika, comes the celebration of the Bau Nyale ceremony which is always held annually and attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. Bau Nyale itself is a ritual to find sea worms that are believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika who disappeared after plunging from the top of Bukit Seger to Seger Beach. Pesona friends can also see the Princess Mandalika monument directly on Seger Beach!


The choice of tourist destinations in Mandalika is unquestionable, Charm Friend. Mandalika has many interesting and instagenic spots and makes vacation moments more memorable. A choice of beautiful beaches can be found at Seger Beach, Serenting Beach, Mawi Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach, and Tanjung Aan Beach. As for exploring a culture rich in meaning, try visiting Sade Village and Ende Village to see the process of making songket woven fabrics, traditions, and super interesting traditional dances.

For accommodation matters, Pesona Pals can choose a place according to their respective needs and finances. From cozy homestays with local nuances to international-class luxury hotels and resorts, Mandalika has excellent accommodation recommendations that make you feel at home!


Love culinary tours? Don’t worry Pesona Friend, because Mandalika has a variety of local foods to international dishes! Some typical Mandalika culinary recommendations that are appetizing include, among others, satay bulayak made from beef satay bathed in spices combined with roasted peanuts and coconut milk and served with Lombok’s typical palm leaf rice cake. There’s also vegetable ares made from banana fronds, puyung racing rice with a full complement of side dishes, and the fresh and sour sambal beberuk eggplant!

One thing for sure, don’t forget to taste the main star of NTB’s favorite food for tourists, Sobat Pesona. That’s right, taliwang chicken! The combination of spicy seasoning with pervasive spices and a tantalizing grilled sensation is the definition of a perfect meal in Mandalika.

How to Get There
There are several ways to get to Mandalika, including by sea and air, and generally taken from Lombok.


If you choose the air route, you can go to Lombok Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport. The airport is approximately 27 km away and takes 1 hour drive to get to Mandalika.

Sea Route:

For the sea route itself, you can cross using the ferry available from Padangbai Port, Bali which is about 60 km from Ngurah Rai with the aim of Lembar Port, Lombok. Arriving at Lembar Harbor, it takes about 45 minutes with a distance of 22 km to get to Mandalika.


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