teradesa.com Faisal Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in Pakistan, has attracted the visit of many people from home and abroad. Not only domestic tourists, many foreign dignitaries come to this mosque because of its architectural beauty located on the beautiful Margalla hill.

A visitor, Zulfikar Ali said that he and his family visited and prayed at the Faisal Mosque because they were fascinated by its magnificent architecture. According to Ali, the mosque was designed in a very unique style. More than that, he also felt happy with the atmosphere of the Margalla hills.

“The cleanliness and location of the mosque in addition to Margalla Hills is a source of inspiration for visitors and they love to pray to fulfill their religious obligations. The beautiful winter and peaceful atmosphere were also key factors in our trip,” Ali said as reported by the Nation.

Ali also praised the safety and orderliness of the bookstore and food center in the mosque area. People who visit and feel relieved after hearing the call to prayer and by praying there.

“A visit to the mosque shows the religious enthusiasm of women, children, young adults, students from different universities and the elderly,” said Sajid Ali another visitor.

He emphasized the need to allow women to enter in the main hall of the mosque.

“There is an urgent need to further improve and modernize the cleaning system, security arrangements and availability of hot water for ablutions during winters.”

Faisal Mosque, located at the foot of Margalla hills, is one of the most massive and classical buildings located in the capital. Named after its founder Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, it is not only one of the largest mosques in Pakistan but also in the world and is one of the most popular and historically significant tourist attractions.

Saudi King Faisal gave a grant of 120 million dollars for the construction of the mosque in Pakistan when he made a historic visit to the country in 1966. A competition for the design of the mosque was held, and among 43 authentic proposals from 17 countries, Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay’s design for the mosque was deemed worthy of winning the contest.


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