teradesa.com  Mount Muria is a dormant stratovolcano located between Jepara, Pati and Kudus regencies. And one of its attractions is that it has seven peaks.

Stratovolcano is a volcano composed of a mixture of pyroclastic deposits and lava flows, or also called a shield volcano.

Climbing Mount Muria is the destination for climbers who want to see the scenery at an altitude of 1,602 meters above sea level. the beauty presented must be amazing.

Mount Muria is also often used as a religious tourism location, because of the tomb of Raden Umar Said or better known as Sunan Muria.

History of Mount Muria
The history of Mount Muria is inseparable from the story of the spread of Islam carried out by Wali Songo named Raden Umar Said or Sunan Muria. So it is also known as one of the religious tourist destinations when in Kudus.

Sunan Muria was the son of Sunan Kalijaga, born in 1450 and had the name Raden Umar Said. Then he married Dewi Roro Noyorono, who was the daughter of Ki Ageng Ngerang.

In spreading Islam, he used a more cultural approach, for example through puppet shows. He died around 1551, and was buried on the slopes of Mount Muria.

On the slopes of Mount Muria, he also built a mosque. Which is estimated to have been built in the 15th to 16th century AD.

Mountain with 7 summits
Mount Muria has 7 summits that can be the destination of climbers, where the highest point is above 1,600 meters above sea level.

The view presented from the summit is of course the most beautiful view, the best spot for hulang-healing especially its location which is far from the crowd.

Here are some names of the peaks of Mount Muria:

1. Natas Angin, which is the highest peak. Where the climbing route is called the dragon route, and is located in Kudus Regency.
2. Songolikur Peak, which is at an altitude of 1,603 meters above sea level. also known as Peak 29, and is the most popular hiking trail.
3. Argopiloso Peak, at an altitude of 1,581 meters above sea level, is suitable for beginner climbers and is located in Gembong District, Pati Regency.
4. Abiyoso Peak, which is the lowest point of Mount Muria. Here there is a shrine of Eyang Abiyoso.
5. Argo Jembangan Peak, is a peak that is not so wide, which is only about 150 square meters. This peak of Mount Muria is nicknamed Puncak Punuk Sapi, located in Gembong District, Pati.
6. Puncak Candi Angin, often used for religious tourism and a place of worship for Hindus, it is said that the location of Candi Angin is a temple for Hindu worship. Located in Kembang District, Jepara Regency.
7. And the last is Temulus Peak.

Mount Muria Hiking Trail
With more than one peak, Mount Muria can be reached from several hiking trails. Depending on which peak is your destination.

The peak point of Mount Muria that is much sought after by climbers is Peak 29 or Songolikur. There are two climbing routes, namely through Rahtawu Village and Tempur Village in Kudus Regency.

While the climbing route that is not too difficult is to go to Puncak Natas Angin. For those of you who want to go to the highest peak on Mount Muria, you can rest at Abiyoso Peak.

Similar to Puncak29, the Natas Angin Muria hiking trail is located in Kudus Regency, precisely in Rahtawu Village, Gebog District.

The most difficult peaks to reach are Argo Jembangan and Argowiloso Peak, climbers must make more effort to arrive at the top.

The estimated cost for those of you who want to climb Mount Muria with the destination of Peak 29, is around IDR 2,500 per person with an additional IDR 3,000 for motorcycle storage and IDR 5,000 for cars.

There are many ways to relieve stress due to the density of daily activities, one of which is by climbing the mountain, even though climbing the mountain requires extra physical strength but guaranteed the results will not disappoint when arriving at the peak because it will be presented with the charm of nature and the beauty of the surrounding environment.



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