teradesa.com  Mutun Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Lampung, this beach is a favorite tourist destination for families, especially on weekends.

Mutun Beach consists of two locations, namely:

Mutun Beach 1
Mutun Beach 2
Mutun 2 Beach has waterboom facilities, banana boat, and a place for fishing. It is located right next to Mutun Beach 1.

Mutun 1 Beach is also known as MS Town which is managed by a private party, MS Corporation. The cool atmosphere along with the white and clean sand makes visitors comfortable visiting Mutun Beach, especially with its complete facilities.

Location & Address of Mutun Beach
The address of Mutun Beach is in the Sukajaya Lempasing area, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung.

The location is not far from the city center of Bandar Lampung, which is only about 1 hour drive.

Route to Mutun Beach
Because the location is not far from the city center, the route to Mutun Beach is very easy. And can be passed by using private vehicles or public transportation.

If you want to use public transportation from the direction of Tanjung Karang Station or Ramayana by using purple angkot, and get off at “Gudang Garam” Teluk Betung.

Then continue to walk to the left and take an angkot with the direction of Lempasing, and get off in front of the entrance to Mutun Beach.

The distance of Mutun Beach from the angkot drop-off location is about 1 km, you can continue on foot or by using ojeg.

For those of you who come from Jakarta using a private vehicle, head to Bekauheni then towards Kalianda until you arrive in Bandar Lampung.

When arriving in Bandar Lampung direct the vehicle towards Sukaraja then Teluk Betung until arriving at Lempasing.

Mutun Beach Opening Hours
Mutun Beach’s operational hours are open for 24 hours non-stop every day.

Considering that Indonesia is still in a state of Covid-19 pandemic, it would be nice to find more information about the operating hours of Mutun Beach itself.

Mutun Beach Ticket
Mutun Beach entrance tickets are very cheap, namely:

Rp. 30.000,- if using a motorcycle
Rp. 10.000,- for those of you who do not bring a vehicle

Mutun Beach Facilities
The facilities at Mutun Beach are arguably adequate, namely with the existence of:

-Parking area
-Rinse place
-Rental of camping equipment
-Camping area
-Food and beverage stalls

Variety of Tourism at Mutun Beach
1. Playing Water and Soft Sand
Mutun Beach has a clean stretch of white sand, which can be used as an area for rides that are certainly very exciting.

Let the children build their imagination with excitement, especially if you bring along the sand playground equipment that the children have.

Playing with sand will be complete if followed by playing with water, waiting for the waves to come on the beach and then running if the waves come. That’s why Mutun Beach is always crowded, especially on holidays.

2. Picnic with Family
Around Mutun Beach, there are many gazebos or shelters of various sizes, which you can use to relax or have a picnic with your family.

Gather with your family and spend time with them while watching the beautiful Mutun Beach.

In addition to the gazebos or shelters, you can also spread your mat on the sand. And do picnic activities there.

3. Play Exciting Rides
Besides enjoying the beauty of Mutun Beach and relaxing with your beloved family, you can also try the exciting rides available, namely:

Playing water in the waterboom
Playing canoe boat
The thrill of playing banana boat
To be able to do these activities, you will be charged an additional fee. However, the excitement you will feel is worth the price you pay.

4. Fishing
For those of you who like fishing, Mutun Beach can be a beautiful place to fish. There are quite a lot of options to choose from, starting from the shoreline, using a raft, to renting a boat to fish to the middle of the sea.

Raft rentals at Mutun Beach are excellent because they are priced at affordable prices. Moreover, Mutun Beach is famous as a fishing spot for fishing enthusiasts.

5. Explore Tangkil Island
Another exciting tour that you can do is explore Tangkil Island, which is located in front of Mutun Beach.

To get to Tangkil Island, you can rent a boat around the beach, be smart to bargain when you want to rent a boat.

You can go around Tangkil Island by using the boat, and end by playing on the beach around Tangkil Island.

6. Camping
For those of you who like camping, you can do it at Mutun Beach. Here there is an area to set up a tent and spend the day with the soothing waves.

Around Mutun Beach there is a place to rent equipment for camping. So it’s very easy for you who forgot to bring your camping needs.


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