teradesa.com Pacitan is a regency located in East Java Province. It has a lot of unique and interesting natural attractions and is famous as the city of a thousand caves. In addition to cave tours, Pacitan also has the natural beauty of a very enchanting beach. One of them is Pancer Door Beach.

Pancer Door Beach is located in Ploso Village, Pacitan Regency, East Java. Still part of the easternmost Pacitan bay and directly facing the southern sea of Java. Which is famous for its beautiful beaches and large and ferocious waves.

Pancer Door Beach is still one line with Teleng Ria Beach. But the waves at Pancer Door Beach are bigger. This is what makes this beach much sought after by surfers for surfing. Show your skill and expertise in conquering the ferocious waves.

With its beautiful beaches and the character of its waves. Pancer Door Beach is often used as a tourist destination, especially by surfers from within and outside the country.

This beach has a beautiful natural panorama. There is also a large park here. Along the shoreline there are many shade plants such as fir trees that are lined up beautifully. Pancer Door Beach also provides some interesting and certainly instagramable photo spots.

Pancer Dorr Beach Address
Kebon Hamlet, Ploso Village, Pacitan District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province.

Opening Hours
Every day open 24 hours.

Entrance Ticket Price
Entrance Ticket Price

Weekday Rp. 2,500 (Children) Rp. 3,500 (Adults)
Weekend Rp. 4,000 (Children) Rp. 5,000 (Adults)
Motorcycle Parking Rp 2,000,-
Car Parking IDR 5,000,-
Entrance ticket prices and vehicle parking rates above are subject to change at any time.

Route to Pancer Dorr Beach
The route to Pancer Door Beach is not difficult. From the city center of Pacitan is about 8 Km. With a travel time of approximately 15 minutes using a motorized vehicle.

If from the direction of Pacitan city direct the vehicle to Jl Letjen R. Suprapto then to Jl KH Ahmad Dahlan. After that you will arrive at the location of the Pancer Door Surfing Spot attraction.

Or you can take the route to Perumnas Barehan. Follow the main road towards the beach then you will find the entrance to the Pancer Door Beach area.

You can also go through the entrance to Teleng Ria Beach. Before the entrance counter turn left. Then follow the road straight until you find a bend where there is an entrance counter to Pancer Door Beach.

The location of Pancer Doors Beach is very close to the city center of Pacitan. Access to the location of Pancer Door Beach is easy to reach. Road conditions are very good and paved. Can use vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

What’s on Pancer Dorr Beach
Pancer Door Beach is one of the tourist destinations that you can visit in Pacitan Regency, East Java. It offers beach tourism with a charming natural panorama.

One of the attractions is that it has a large wave character that is the target of surfers for surfing. Pancer Door Beach is a favorite destination by surfers from within and outside the country.

Surfing Spot
Pancer Door Beach is still one line with Teleng Ria Beach. However, Pancer Door Beach has a bigger wave character. This makes this beach a favorite of surfers for surfing. Show your skill and expertise in conquering the ferocious waves.

There are two types of waves on this beach. Namely beach break and river mouth break type waves. With a sandy seabed, this beach is suitable for all surfers. Including beginner, professional or learning surfers.

When the tide is low, surfers often get barrels. While when the tide is high is a good time for beginners to enjoy. The best time to surf at Pancer Beach is between May and October.

Pancer Door Beach Spacious Park
Pancer Door Beach also has a large garden. Along the shoreline are overgrown with various shade plants such as pine trees that are lined up beautifully.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the park by walking around the vastness of the park. This park is also a favorite photo spot for tourists who want to take selfies.

Photo Hunting at Pancer Door Beach
For those of you who like photography, at Pancer Door Beach there are some cool and instagramable photo spots. This tourist attraction has a large garden and beautiful natural scenery.

Coconut trees by the beach and a beautiful natural panorama are presented here. Tourists can take selfies with the background of the surrounding natural panorama. Or with the background of the blue ocean and clear sky. and there are still many other interesting photo spots.

Sunset at Pancer Door Beach
Pancer Door Beach is one of the favorite spots to enjoy the beauty of Sunset or sunset. Not a few tourists visit this beach just to enjoy the beautiful Sunset.

Pancer Dorr Beach Facilities
Besides having very beautiful waves and sand. This beach is also equipped with public facilities and facilities that are quite complete and adequate. Some facilities that can be used by visitors include the following:

-Parking lot
-Food stalls
-Prayer room
-Surfboard rental etc.


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