teradesa.com This island in the northern part of Lombok provides an atmosphere of tranquility wrapped in a party atmosphere at night.

Tired of the same old beach atmosphere? Try coming to Gili Trawangan. This island in the northern part of Lombok provides an atmosphere of tranquility wrapped in a party atmosphere at night. It’s no wonder that many tourists make Gili Trawangan their main destination when visiting Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Its natural beauty is able to hypnotize visitors to feel at home for long enjoying the charm of Gili Trawangan.

Towards Gili Trawangan from Mataram City, the journey is directed to Bangsal Harbor with a travel time of about 2 hours. After that, continue using a boat for 45 minutes.

Arriving at Gili Trawangan, you will be greeted with the hospitality of the local community. With a friendly smile, they will offer various facilities available on this 340-hectare island. Although only a small island, the facilities available on Gili Trawangan are quite complete. From international class lodgings to budget lodgings, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Gili Trawangan. Whether you want to eat European, Asian or Indonesian food, Gili Trawangan offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and eateries along the main road. Don’t be afraid if you forget to bring cash. There are ATMs available 24 hours a day to serve you.

Regarding beauty, Gili Trawangan has white sand that is soft like flour. The softness of the white sand is very comfortable to feel while sunbathing enjoying the beautiful nature of Gili Trawangan. The blue sea water mixed with green color gradations seems to spoil the eyes to always look and be reluctant to leave this dyke which has a dark history.

In the past, Gili Trawangan was a dumping ground for prisoners who rebelled against the Sasak Kingdom. During the colonial era, Gili Trawangan was used by the Japanese army as a reconnaissance site. Only in the ’70s, people from Sulawesi came and settled until Gili Trawangan gradually turned into a destination for tourists. This beautiful island was then made a tourist destination by the local government.

The beauty of Gili Trawangan is not only on the mainland. Snorkeling is a very exciting thing on the edge of Trawangan Beach. Just by swimming on the shoreline, you will see the beautiful underwater world of Gili Trawangan. You can see adorable fish, corals with beautiful colors, and motorbike wrecks while snorkeling in Gili Trawangan. Diving activities can also be done in the waters of Gili Trawangan. For those who do not have a diving license, do not worry because many places offer crash classes to be able to experience the beauty of the underwater world of Gili Trawangan. In fact, PADI (a national diving organization with international standards) can also be found here.

Towards evening, step into the Art Market, which is the center of night culinary in Gili Trawangan. A wide variety of food can be found and tasted here. Various seafood specialties in the form of fresh fish, squid, shrimp, and crabs can be found at Art Market. Sweet martabak or mixed rice can also be chosen as your dinner while on Gili Trawangan.

Once you’ve had your fill of culinary delights at Art Market, don’t leave for your lodging just yet. You can stop by a bar or cafe that serves a variety of music. From reggae music typical of Jamaica to the frenetic music of the discotheque style can be found in Gili Trawangan. There’s something unique about the way night parties are organized here. Every day, cafe and bar owners take turns to attract tourists. This is deliberately done so that the benefits obtained from tourists can be divided evenly and fairly as a support for the tourism economy in Gili Trawangan.

Tourism in Gili Trawangan is already running very well, as well as the natural conditions. The prohibition of motorized vehicles entering the Trawangan area makes its beauty survive and be maintained. As a substitute, there are cidomo (a vehicle that resembles a delman) and bicycles. Another interesting thing in this place is the absence of police. In fact, there is a motto that reads “No pollution, no police” – which feels fitting for Gili Trawangan as the most exotic island in central Indonesia.


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