teradesa.com  Pidakan Beach is one of the beaches with natural charm in Pacitan Regency, East Java. It has a beautiful natural panorama and is interesting for you to visit. The beach with a distinctive view of white pebbles stretches along the entire shoreline.

One of the attractions of this beach is that almost 70 percent of the beach material is from natural rocks. Consisting of natural rocks of various types, shapes and sizes and the rest is white sand. These natural rocks become the icon of Pidakan Beach.

Another beautiful sight at Pidakan Beach is the existence of coconut trees that are still beautiful. These coconut trees grow to beautify the surrounding beach area. For those of you who like photography, Pidakan Beach is perfect for photo hunting. Panati is often used for photo sessions and pre-wedding photos.

Almost every day this beach is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. Beach cleanliness is also a top priority at this Pidakan beach. Visiting tourists are expected to maintain cleanliness by disposing of garbage in its place. Pidakan Beach has a large wave character, for the safety of visitors it is strictly forbidden to swim on this beach.

Pidakan Beach Address
Godek Wetan Hamlet, Jetak Village, Tulakan District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

Opening Hours
Every day open 24 hours.

Entrance Ticket Price
Entrance Ticket Price: RP.10.000,-
Motorcycle Parking Rp. 2,000,-
Car Parking Rp. 5,000,-

Route to Pidakan Beach
The road route to get to the Pidakan Beach tourist location is quite easy. If from the Pacitan city center start by heading to the Arjowinangun market.

The route you can take if from the Pacitan city center start by heading to the Arjowinangun market. Upon arrival at Arjowinangun Market take the right direction towards Kebonagung.

Then continue straight on the South Cross Line or JLS heading east. Follow the road until you reach the Tulakan area and follow the signposts until you find the Pidakan Beach tourist site on the right side of the road.

Because the road is quite narrow, you can get to the location if you use a motorcycle or wheeled vehicle. For those who come by car or other large vehicles can be parked on the shoulder of the road. Furthermore, to get to the location you can walk or rent an ojek with a distance of 300 meters.

The distance from Pacitan city center to Pidakan Beach is about 30 km. The road traveled from the highway is quite narrow.

For tourists who use motorcycles or two-wheeled vehicles can get to the tourist sites. While for those who use cars or other vehicles such as buses can be parked on the shoulder of the road.

From the highway, enter following the directions with a distance of about 300 meters to the shoreline.

What’s on Pidakan Beach
Pidakan Beach tourist attraction is a beach tour that offers interesting natural panoramas for you to visit. There are many exciting and interesting activities that you can do when visiting this beach.

Enjoying the Charm of Pidakan Beach
Pidakan Beach has a beautiful natural panorama and is still natural. Here you can enjoy the view of the south coast offshore with its famously fierce and large waves. This beach has typical south coast waves that are quite large. So you are prohibited from swimming on this beach.

Tourists can also enjoy the view of beautiful coconut trees that beautify this beach area. These coconut trees grow around the beach area.

Tourists can also see some marine life. Such as sea urchins, sea urchins, starfish, mangrove crabs, various clam shells and various other mollusca on this beach.

If the tide is low, you can witness the activities of local residents looking for marine life. They usually look for shells hiding between the cracks in the coral reefs.

Natural Rock
One of the attractions of Pidakan Beach is the natural rocks. Almost 70 percent of the beach material consists of natural rocks. Natural rocks of various shapes, types and sizes, the rest is white sand. These natural stones become one of the icons of this Pidakan beach.

Tourists who visit this beach are prohibited from bringing home the natural stones found along the shoreline. Beautiful natural stones that fill the coastal area. Where the size varies greatly from small to large.

Sunset and Surise
One of the favorite activities at Pidakan Beach is watching the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Here the sunrise and sunset will look more beautiful and charming.

At Pidakan Beach there are towering trees around it. You can watch the beautiful sunrise from the gap of the trees.

Instagramable Photo Spot
For those of you who like photography, Pidakan Beach is the right place. Take a selfie with a beautiful panoramic background to get interesting and instagramable photos.

Tourists can explore the entire beach tourism area to get the best spots at all points. Natural beauty is maintained, various aesthetic places to the charm of the beauty of sunset and sunrise.

photo spot on pidakan beach
Various photo spot facilities are available at this beach. Such as a chair spot with a heart frame behind, a photo spot in the shape of a bird’s wing and so on. With its natural beauty, many visitors come for photo session activities and prewedding photos.

There is also a camping area at Pidakan Beach, where tourists who want to spend the night can camp by setting up a tent.

Pidakan Beach Facilities
Pidakan Beach tourist destination has been equipped with various public facilities and quite complete facilities. These facilities include:

-Parking area
-Food stalls
-Bathroom and others.


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