teradesa.com  Tourist attractions in Lampung are not only Way Kambas National Park or Kiluan Bay. Now, there are many other interesting tourist attractions that you can visit while in Lampung. One of the most special and contemporary is Puncak Mas.
Before preparing to visit Puncak Mas Lampung in the near future, let’s first look at the complete information review below!

The Thrill of Vacation to Puncak Mas Lampung
Puncak Mas is a tourist area located in a hilly area. Just like other tourist spots, the Puncak Mas area is also cool and suitable as a tourist spot in the form of a viewing post with a comfortable atmosphere. The address is located on Jalan H. Hamim RJP, Sukadanaham, Tanjung Karang Barat District, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung. You are free to visit this tourist spot from morning to evening. While on Monday, Puncak Mas is open for 24 hours.

Access to Puncak Mas
You can access the Puncak Mas tourist area through several alternative routes. If you are in the Citraland area, you must continue your journey towards the Green Valley tour then enter Sukadanaham Village. Next, you just need to follow the signpost to Puncak Mas.

You can also visit Puncak Mas through the Tamin Market area. Direct your vehicle towards Tugu Duren then turn right towards Sukadanaham Village. One more access that you can take is from the direction of Teluk Betung. You must pass Jalan PDAM Way Rilau or through the back lane towards Citraland Lampung. Next, you just need to head to Tugu Duren then enter the Sukadanaham village.

Various Tourist Facilities at Puncak Mas
When in Puncak Mas, you can enjoy a variety of interesting tourist facilities, including:

Elevated Viewpoints
One of the favorite spots for tourists is the viewpoint. From the top of the cool and comfortable Puncak Mas, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lampung city and Bukit Bintang. Towards dusk, the view will be replaced with flickering lights and an exotic view of the afternoon sky. While at the viewing post, don’t forget to take a selfie. Because this tourist destination is ready to become an interesting photo background for you.

Some Instagramable Photo Spots
Besides taking pictures at the viewing post, you can also take pictures at other spots, namely in the basket of hot air balloons, windmills, and tree houses. Some giant balloons are deliberately provided for tourists’ photo properties. You can climb into the balloon basket even though the balloon cannot fly.

Apart from these three photo spots, there are other photo spots in the form of gazebos, flower gardens, and love bridges made of wood. You will definitely feel at home for a long time enjoying the atmosphere of Puncak Mas while hunting for instagramable photos.

Outdoor Cafe
Outdoor cafes are also one of the favorite tourist facilities at Puncak Mas. You can eat various foods and drinks while enjoying the atmosphere of Puncak Mas from a height. The cafe also regularly holds live music performances and DJ performances on weekends.

Two Musala in the Durian Tree
Puncak Mas Lampung tourist area also has its own uniqueness in the form of two musala located in durian trees. Each musala is intended for male and female tourists. The male musala is built at a height of 8 meters with a capacity of 25 people. Meanwhile, the female musala is built at a height of 6 meters with a capacity of 15 people. You don’t need to worry about the safety factor of this musala. Because this musala is built with a strong and stable foundation complete with several locking elbows.

Lampung is indeed suitable to be the next vacation destination for you and your family. Don’t forget to visit Puncak Mas while on vacation to Lampung.


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