teradesa.com  The efficacy of Rejenu’s Three Flavors Water is a place that is always crowded with tourists especially on the night of Shuro, it is believed that the water has Kharomah because it is said to be used by Sheikh Sadzali Rejenu for ablution.

The efficacy of Rejenu’s Three Flavors Water is different as the name implies, this water has three different flavors despite its close location.

Visitors come not only from around Central Java, but also from outside Java. With the intention of trying the efficacy of Rejenu’s Three Flavors Water.

However, the different flavors of the three waters can only be felt by those who have faith in their hearts, whoever doubts the efficacy will taste the same as plain water in general.

Do you want to try the efficacy and kharomah of this Rejenu Three Flavored Water? Check out the review below!

Location of Rejenu Three Flavor Water
~The location of Tiga Rasa Rejenu Water is right above Monthel Waterfall
~The address of Tiga Rasa Rejenu Water is in Japan Village, Dawe District, Kudus Regency, Central Java

Rejenu Three Flavors Water Route
The route to Rejenu Three Flavors Water from the city center of Kudus is to drive your vehicle towards Jl. Colo until finally arriving in Japan Village.

There is already a road sign that will direct you to Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu. And the estimated travel time is about 40 minutes.

From the Sunan Muria parking lot, the road access to Tiga Rasa Water is about 3 km. Because the road access is not so wide, it is best to use a two-wheeled vehicle. So you can sat set sat set gituh…..

Rejenu Three Flavors Water Entrance Price
The entrance ticket for Rejenu Three Flavors Water is enough to pay as much as you can.
Rejenu Three Flavor Water Facilities.

Tourist facilities around Rejenu Tiga Rasa Water include:
~Vehicle parking area,
~Prayer room,
~Food and beverage stalls,

Attractions of Water Tiga Rasa Rajenu

1. Water with Three Flavors
The main attraction of Rajenu Three Flavors Water is of course the water, which is believed to have several properties. It looks like a small well, and its location is close together.

Where the first spring has a fresh but slightly sour taste, it has properties to treat various diseases.

The second spring has a soda-like flavor, which is effective in fostering self-confidence in facing problems in life.

While the third spring has a taste like tuak, and is efficacious to launch sustenance. Well, if you want to try which spring?

As mentioned above, in order to taste Rajenu’s Three Flavors of Water you must have faith in your heart. So it is returned to each individual.

2. Tomb Site of Shaykh Sadzali Rejenu
Shaykh Sadzali Rejenu was one of the great scholars who came from the Middle East, he spread Islam around the slopes of Mount Muria. The location of the grave of Sheikh Sadzali Rejenu itself is about 3 km from Sunan Muria.

It is said that Rejenu’s Tiga Rasa Water is his location for ablution, where the water never recedes even in the dry season.

So, the grave of Syaikh Sadzali Rejenu can be a religious tourism destination when in Kudus, precisely on the slopes of Mount Muria.

3. History of Rajenu Three Flavor Water
After you have listened to the attractiveness of Rejenu Three Flavored Water, then there is a summary of the history of the existence of this efficacious spring.

The story begins with the arrival of a scholar from across the country, who traveled a long journey until he finally arrived at Mount Muria with the intention of spreading the teachings of Islam.

The presence of Syaikh Sadzali is inseparable from Sunan Muria or Raden Umar Syaid, according to several sources, he was the teacher of Sunan Muria.

Syaikh Sadzali spread Islam by using a cultural approach, for example through shadow puppet shows. So that many local residents converted to Islam.

Long story short, there were more and more followers of Syaikh Sadzali, and he intended to build a surau or musholla. However, when the process of building the mushola took place, it turned out that there was no spring around the mushola.

Until finally he was given instructions to dig the ground not far from the Mushola location, then three springs appeared which are currently known as Air Tiga Rasa Rejenu.

After the appearance of the three springs, he prayed to Allah SWT. so that whoever uses the water is given health, if someone is sick, the disease is lifted, and his fortune is facilitated by the permission of Allah SWT.

This is a brief summary of the Three Flavors Water of Rejenu Kudus and the history behind it, hopefully we can take lessons from what has happened before.


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