teradesa.com  Sari Ringgung Beach, its beauty and excitement are not just a hyperbole of words. But it has become a fact, and a proud tourist destination for the people of Lampung.

There are several reasons why Sari Ringgung Beach is always visited by tourists, one of them is because the location of Sari Ringgung Beach is very strategic, close to the center of Bandar Lampung.

It doesn’t stop there, the next reason is because Sari Ringgung Beach has a lot of rides and supporting facilities that will add to the excitement of the visitors’ tourist activities.

The most important thing is that the majority of tourist spots on Sari Ringgung Beach are very suitable for family travel destinations on weekends, or when vacation arrives.

Sari Ringgung Beach is a very recommended Lampung tour. But visitors must always update in advance regarding the attractions that will be visited during the pandemic.

Because the average tourist attraction in Indonesia is affected by policies to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Especially restrictions on operating hours, or closing and opening.

Location & Address of Sari Ringgung Beach
The address of Sari Ringgung Beach is on Jl. Way Ratai No.KM 14, Sidodadi Village, Teluk Pandan District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung.

The location of Sari Ringgung Beach is about 1 hour from Bandar Lampung.

Route to Sari Ringgung Beach
The route to Sari Ringgung Beach from Bandar Lampung by heading towards Padang Cermin, you will find road signs that show the beaches.

Sari Ringgung Beach is only about 15 minutes away from Mutun Beach. While from Bandar Lampung it will take about 30 to 60 minutes.

To get to Sari Ringgung Beach, you can use public transportation, such as rural transportation or ojeg. If you want to use public transportation from Rajabasa Terminal that leads to Ramayana.

After arriving at Ramayana, change to a red-hearted angkot and get off at the auction warehouse. Then walk a few meters until you find a black rural transport.

After riding the rural transportation, get off at the entrance that says Sari Ringgung Beach.

Sari Ringgung Beach Opening Hours
Sari Ringgung Beach’s operating hours are open every Monday to Sunday.

And it opens from 06.00 until 17.00 local time.

Sari Ringgung Beach Ticket
The entrance ticket to Sari Ringgung Beach is Rp. 20,000 per person.
Motorcycle parking is Rp. 5,000,-
and Rp. 10.000,- for car parking.

Sari Ringgung Beach Facilities
Sari Ringgung Beach facilities are complete, it is characterized by the presence of:

Area to store vehicles
Children’s playground
Food and beverage stalls
Game rides

Attractions of Sari Ringgung Beach
1. Beaches in Lampung that are suitable for family tourism
playing existing rides
playing the existing rides.

The first attraction of Sari Ringgung Beach is that the beach is suitable as a family tourist destination in Lampung. Of course not without reason.

First, because the waves of Sari Ringgung Beach are not big. The water in the middle of the ocean is blue, and the color of the water at the edge of the beach has a turquoise green color.

The sand is white, and the beach is a comfortable place to play and build warmth with your family. At some points there are swings on the beach.

There is also a swing that is slightly off center, making for a great selfie spot. Because the background is the open ocean with a very charming natural panorama.

One more thing, there are water slides above the sea water. Water slides are usually found only in freshwater swimming pools.

At Sari Ringgung Beach, the water slide rides directly into the sea water. Isn’t such a ride rare to find in a beach-themed tourist attraction?

There is also the Sand Embossed area, the sand is formed naturally. And the Sand Embossed spot is one of the spots that is often visited by tourists.

2. Beautiful Peak
The next attraction of Sari Ringgung Beach is Puncak Indah Hill, or also known as Puncak Indah. A convenient location to enjoy the natural panorama around Sari Ringgung Beach from a height.

The hill is quite high, but there are stairs provided by the management to facilitate visitors’ trekking to Puncak Indah.

3. Water Sport
The excitement while at Sari Ringgung Beach does not end there. Because at Sari Ringgung Beach there are a lot of various rides that can be tried by visitors. Among them:

Speed boat
Spilled water
Don’t forget that Sari Ringgung Beach is a convenient location for snorkeling or diving activities.

Because the water condition of Sari Ringgung Beach is still well maintained, at some points even the view at the bottom of the water can be seen directly by the eye.

4. Floating Mosque
Slightly shifted from the location of Sari Ringgung Beach, precisely at the location of the Floating Cage, there is a floating mosque. Of course, the location of the mosque above sea water is a rare panorama, so it raises the interest of tourists to visit it.


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