teradesa.com The beach, which is not far from the city of Bandar Lampung, presents clear sea water, calm waves and also panoramas that are rarely found in other locations. Of course, the sensation of ngafe on the beach is no less interesting.

You will get a combination of fine white sand and stunning sunset views when visiting Sebalang Beach, South Lampung. This is one of the best spots in Lampung to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

The beach, which is not far from Bandar Lampung City, presents clear sea water, calm waves and also panoramas that are rarely found in other locations. Of course, the sensation of ngafe on the beach is no less interesting.

1. Address and Travel Route to Sebalang Beach
This beautiful beach is located in Tarahan Village, Ketibung District, South Lampung Regency. The location is close to Pasir Putih Beach, about five kilometers away. The location of this beach can be seen through the google maps facility.

From Bandar Lampung, the distance is about 27 km with a normal travel time of about one hour. It is quite easy to find the location of this beach. Visitors just need to direct to Jalan Lintas Sumatera.

The benchmark is Pasir Putih Beach, after that go forward about five km. Then you will meet a slightly uphill road, and on the right side of the road there is a PT Adhi signboard (Right of the road).

Then turn on the road, then after passing through the oil palm plantation visitors arrive at Sebalang Beach. This road connects Bandar Lampung to Kalianda and Bakauheni. So it is quite easy to find public transportation.

For public transportation, visitors can use a bus or travel to Bakauheni Port from Rajabasa Terminal. Then visitors can get off at the entrance to Sebalang Beach.

2. Facilities and Entrance Ticket Price
Visitors who come only need to spend Rp. 5000 per person for the entrance ticket. While the vehicle parking fee is Rp. 5000 for motorcycles and Rp. 10,000 for cars. Prices can change at any time.

Visiting a tourist spot, one of the positive values is the facilities provided. At Sebelang Beach, there are already facilities including rinse rooms / MHC, halls, and various culinary delights.

3. Specialty and Beauty of Sebalang Beach
Arriving at this beach, visitors will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and also a very calming atmosphere. On the edge of the beach there are also beach trees and nipa plants that make it quite shady.

Visitors can bathe and play water on this beach. The location is indeed quite a lot of rocks. But there are safe spots that can be used for bathing and playing in the sea water. At low tide, this beach has a very beautiful panorama. The brown coral reefs on the seabed look very neat.

There are also mangrove tree roots that appear to be lined up. Visitors can walk and take pictures on the bottom of the receding sea. Sebalang Beach also has a uniqueness that is the target of young people to take selfies. There are three mangrove trees that grow upright in the sea as if separated from the land.

This mangrove tree looks very instagramable. Visitors often make this tree as a photo object. What visitors should not miss is the charming sunset on Sebalang Beach.

If you are lucky, you will see the orange sky from this beach. In front of the beach there is no island, so visitors will then see it. There is only a hill that is located very far from the parlor. So the sun seems to set behind the hill slowly.

This is the main attraction of this beach. The charming sunset is not inferior to the sunset at Patai Labuhan Jukung, West Coast Regency and also Grand Elty Krakatoa. The beauty of the beach and the charming sunset at Sebalang Beach can be the reason why you should visit it.

Want to feel the sensation of culinary on the beach like in Jimbaran Beach? No need to fly all the way to Bali. At Sebalang Beach, you can try a variety of delicious culinary delights served by beachside vendors.

The food provided is also very diverse. Starting from snacks, there are also heavy meals for those of you who are hungry and haven’t had time to eat before traveling. Added value, culinary on the beach.

For the problem of drinks, don’t ask again. In fact, nowadays there are many cafes on the beach. So, for coffee lovers, this beach is the right spot to hang out while enjoying the beauty of the beach panorama.

Thus the information related to Sebalang Beach South Lampung. Hopefully it can be a reference for your vacation with your family when you are in Lampung Province or are crossing the Sumatra crossing road.


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