teradesa.com  Talking about beaches in Pacitan will never end. There are so many beautiful and white sandy beaches in the city that is nicknamed the City of a Thousand Caves.

Soge Beach is one of them, its beauty can compete with other beaches such as Watu Karung Beach, Srau Beach, Banyu Tibo Beach, Klayar Beach, and several other beaches.

All existing beaches have their own beauty and charm, Soge Beach has a distinctive feature where the beauty of the beach can be clearly seen while still on the highway.

Because Soge Beach is located on the southern causeway, its beauty is even juxtaposed with the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, which is in Victoria, Australia.

Location of Soge Beach
Soge Beach is located in Sidomulyo Village, Ngadirojo District. Although it is on the border line, this beach is still in the Pacitan Regency area.

Route to Soge Beach
Access to Soge Beach is very good, the road is well paved and wide enough so that it can be passed by any type of vehicle even buses.

The path is decorated with beautiful scenery, but you have to be careful because it is quite winding and filled with ups and downs.

The route you can take by directing your vehicle towards the South Ring Road (JLS), then you will pass a very beautiful bridge which is the icon of Pacitan Regency. The bridge is called Soge Bridge.

The bridge is approximately 50 meters long, you can stop and capture the beauty of the Soge Bridge.

Soge Beach can already be seen when you are still on the path, then you just need to find the entrance to Soge Beach.

Opening Hours of Soge Beach
Soge Beach is open every Monday to Sunday, for 24 hours nonstop.

Soge Beach Entrance Ticket
The entrance ticket to Soge Beach is IDR 10,000 per person.

Facilities around Soge Beach include:
Vehicle parking area
Food and beverage stalls
Public bathroom

Along the Soge Beach route there are many inns or villas that provide you with various facilities and affordable prices.

Soge Beach Tourism Attractions
Soge Beach is one of the beaches in Pacitan that is quite crowded with tourists, this is probably because this beach has the following attractions:

1. Easy to Reach Access
The first attraction is its easy access, because its location is right next to the South Cross Road lane.

When you are still on the way, you can already see the beauty of Soge Beach, the stretch of sand and the blue sea are clearly visible.

There are even visitors who are desperate to take pictures in the middle of the road, with the beauty of Soge Beach in the background. The result is beautiful, but it’s too dangerous.

2. Natural Beauty Presented
Soge Beach has an amazingly beautiful natural panorama, Pacitan is arguably the paradise of beaches in East Java. The blue of the sea combined with the waves that are quite strong.

Equipped with hills that have a soothing green color. It’s just a pity that at Soge Beach, you can’t play water or swim.

Along the edge of the beach there is a flag that becomes your limit when playing water, this is done to prevent bad possibilities that will occur.

Because Soge Beach has quite strong waves, especially when the tide is high. So it will be very dangerous.

But your excitement will not be reduced, because around Soge Beach there is a lake separated from the sea by a white sand dune.

The lake is not too big, but you can play some exciting rides such as around the lake by renting a speed boat or fishing boat.

3. Soft White Sand
Soge Beach has a stretch of soft white sand, at first glance similar to Senggigi Beach in Lombok. You can walk barefoot on the white sand.

Many visitors relax on the sand while enjoying the beautiful scenery that is trying to be presented, especially if while watching the sunset.

4. River Estuary
When viewed from above using a drone, the landscape of Soge Beach will appear very impressive, where there is a river that seems to split Soge Beach.

The river meanders with a length of about 150 meters and winds around the soft white sand.


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