teradesa.com After previously reviewing Pangasan Beach, this time I will discuss another beach that is still in Pacitan Regency.

The beach that will be discussed this time is Bercak Pacitan Beach which is located in Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency. Bercak Beach is predicted as the Raja Ampat of Pacitan, because it has a very beautiful natural panorama.

Rock decorations that gallantly decorate Bercak Beach, besides that the beach is surrounded by a very beautiful hill with quite shady trees.

Bercak Beach Pacitan is in one location with Kasap Beach, from Kasap Beach you just need to walk about 15 to 20 minutes to the west.

Here’s a complete review of Bercak Beach Pacitan:
Location of Bercak Beach Pacitan

The location of Bercak Beach Pacitan is in Gumuharjo, Watukarung Village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province.

Route to Pacitan Spotting Beach
The route to Pacitan Bercak Beach is quite easy, you just need to drive your vehicle to Watu Karang Beach which is a frequently visited beach.

Because of course the directions to Watu Karung Beach have been made permanent so it will be easier to find. After following the directions to Watu Karung Beach, you will find directions to Bercak Beach.

Trekking to Bercak Beach Pacitan
You cannot immediately enjoy the beauty of the beach after parking the vehicle. Must be a little trekking up the road on the hill.

Walk on the rocks that have been neatly arranged on the hill, with a very beautiful view of the open sea. After finding a post you will continue your journey by going down the road which is still dirt and rocks.

Be careful when going down the road, do not let you stand on the wrong footing. The conditions can be slippery. After arriving at the bottom, the beauty of Pacitan Bercak Beach is increasingly apparent.

Opening Hours of Bercak Beach Pacitan
The operating hours of Bercak Beach Pacitan are open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So you can come whenever you want. But considering the lack of street lighting when trekking to the location, it is better to come when the sun is still shining brightly.

Ticket for Bercak Beach Pacitan
Because it has not been professionally managed so that the entrance ticket to Pacitan Bercak Beach has not been determined, aka free. You will only spend money on parking fees, which are Rp. 2,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5,000 for cars.

Pacitan Bercak Beach Facilities
The facilities at Bercak Beach are not too complete, there is only a simple stall selling food and soft drinks. Maybe it needs to get special attention from the local government. Public facilities are available at Watu Karang Beach.

Attraction of Bercak Beach Pacitan
The attractions that Pacitan Bercak Beach tries to provide include:

1. Awesome Beach Beauty
It is very reasonable if this one beach gets the nickname “Raja Ampatnya Pacitan”, because it has the same beach beauty as the one in Papua there.

Enjoying the Beauty of Bercak Beach
Enjoying the Beauty of Bercak Beach. Source: pinthar.net
There are two very large rocks on the shoreline, coupled with the beautiful hills around the Bercak Beach area.

Beaches in Pringkuku sub-district have white sand, as does Bercak Beach. You will set foot on a stretch of white sand, decorated with small shells.

Around it there is a hill overgrown with trees that are quite shady, the waves at Bercak Beach are not too strong and have very clear sea water.

Its hidden location makes Bercak Beach a great place to calm down and just enjoy the beauty of nature without anyone disturbing it.

2. Camping
For those of you who have a high adventurous spirit, you can set up a tent between the white sand facing directly towards the beach.

Enjoy the beauty of Bercak Beach longer, spend the night amidst the crashing waves and the sky decorated with stars.

Travel Tips for Visiting Pacitan Bercak Beach
Here are some travel tips for those of you who want to visit Pacitan Bercak Beach, namely:

1. It is better to use a two-wheeled vehicle to facilitate access to the location of Bercak Beach.
2. Bring a supply of food and drinks for your supplies while on the beach.
3. Use comfortable and non-slip footwear.
4. Pay attention to weather conditions when going to Bercak Beach.
5. To enter Bercak Beach you have to go through Kasap Beach.
6. Keep the cleanliness and beauty of the location of Pacitan Bercak Beach.
7. Avoid actions that can harm yourself and others.
8. Prepare your gadget to capture the beauty of Pacitan’s Bercak Beach.


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