teradesa.com  At low tide, you will see a small cave across the temple. It is said to be where the sea snake that guards the Tanah Lot Temple resides.

There is no doubt that the popularity of the beauty of Tanah Lot has spread throughout the world. One of the temples on the island of Bali which has the status of Pura Khayangan Jagad is known as a place that presents a very beautiful sunset view. Watching the silhouette of the temple against the backdrop of the orange afternoon sky will certainly leave deep memories. However, in addition to the beauty of the panorama, this temple also holds other uniqueness that is worth listening to for anyone who wants to visit it.

One of the peculiarities of Tanah Lot Temple is its position on a large boulder. This rock will be submerged during high tide, morning to evening. This is what makes Tanah Lot Temple during the day as if it is separated from mainland Bali. This is in accordance with the meaning of “Tanah Lot”. In Balinese, “tanah lot” means land in the middle of the sea. Because of this uniqueness, Tanah Lot Temple is visited by many tourists, especially in the afternoon.

When the tide recedes, you will see a small cave opposite the temple. This cave is said to be the abode of a sea snake that is believed to be the guardian of Tanah Lot Temple. In this cave, visitors can see a large snake guarded by a handler – as part of a local attraction. Visitors can pet the snake and ask for good luck by making a voluntary donation.

Another attraction that draws visitors is the self-purification ritual at the holy water source located just below the Tanah Lot Temple. Here, visitors can wash their faces, drink the holy water and receive a kind of ritual blessing from the temple caretaker. The visitors will get a splash of water that has been read a mantra, put bija on the forehead, and put flowers in the ears. By passing through all these processions, visitors are considered to have undergone a purification ritual and can touch the staircase area of the temple, although it is still forbidden to enter the inside of the temple.

For photography lovers, the end of the evening is the time to capture the panoramic sunset. The right position is necessary to produce beautiful and satisfying photos. There are many observation points to choose from, but one of the best is from the top of the cliff on the east side of Tanah Lot Temple. Visitors can set up their viewing positions on the cliff platform, which is lined with tables and chairs provided by local stalls. Accompanied by a portion of fresh young coconut ice, the beautiful panorama of the sunset can be captured while relaxing and unwinding.


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