teradesa.com Teleng Ria Beach has always been a popular tourist attraction in Pacitan, especially on weekends. Teleng Ria Beach is famous as a beach tour that is suitable as a family tourist destination.

The current condition of Teleng Ria Beach is of course very different from the situation before the pandemic. Teleng Ria Beach is currently not too crowded, many stalls are also closed.

This condition is not because the natural charm around Teleng Ria Beach is fading, but because of health protocol policies, as well as efforts to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

The current condition of Teleng Ria Beach also occurs in many other tourist attractions in Indonesia, even in the world. On the other hand, the government is working hard to revive the tourism sector in the corridor of compliance with health protocols, of course.

And this is the current description of Teleng Ria Beach that you must know, as an initial reference for determining tourist locations when the holidays arrive with family.

Attractiveness of Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan
Pacitan is the hometown, or birthplace of former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). At the end of 2020, Mr. SBY took the time to visit Teleng Ria Beach.

This is a sign that Teleng Ria Beach has a very charming natural charm, and has an unforgettable impression for those who have visited it.

And here are some of the attractions of Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan that you need to know:

1. Comfortable Family Tourism
The first attraction of Teleng Ria Beach is that the beach is very comfortable as a family tourist destination, both on weekends, and during national holidays.

Of course, this condition is not without reason. Teleng Ria Beach has a very wide and long sandy beach area. Plus the sea waves that come to the shore are not large.

The sandy area of Teleng Ria Beach is the best spot to build warmth, and the excitement of traveling with your beloved family.

In addition to playing sand, or playing water, in the Teleng Ria Beach sand area there are delmans, or andong, which can be ridden by tourists to explore the beauty of the Teleng Ria Pacitan Beach sand.

2. Enchantment of Surrounding Nature
The next attraction of Teleng Ria Beach is the charm of the surrounding nature. The mountain view on the left and right side of Teleng Ria Beach is called Mount Limo.

On the other hand, there is also a spot in the form of a pine forest that is often used as a selfie spot for visitors. In addition, the Teleng Ria Beach area can also be used as a place for jogging.

There is a trekking path that is often used as a track for jogging. Several monuments in Teleng Ria Beach seem to be the perfect view of the surrounding nature.

3. Culinary Tourism
Teleng Ria Beach is also able to become a Pacitan culinary tourism destination. Culinary in Teleng Ria Beach is dominated by fried seafood, with typical Pacitan flavors.

4. Cultural Performance
When visitors pass through the main gate of Teleng Ria Beach Pacitan, if you take the direction to the left, then you will see a building intended for art and cultural performances.

This condition is an affirmation that a tourist visit to Teleng Ria Beach is not only limited to ordinary tourist excitement, but is able to be an educational value for the culture displayed at that location.

It’s just that cultural performances in that place are not held every day, especially during a pandemic situation.

Location and Address of Teleng Ria Beach
The location of Teleng Ria Beach is in the Balong area, precisely at the address of Sidoharjo Village, Pacitan District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

Route to Teleng Ria Beach
The road to Teleng Ria Beach from the city center only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The road access is also very easy, because there are many road signs that will direct you there.

The route from Surabaya just directs the vehicle to Mojokerto, while for those of you who depart from Solo and Jogja by heading Solo-Pacitan.

As for those of you who come from West Java by taking the route to the Cipali Toll Road, and for those of you from Central Java by heading to National Road III.

Teleng Ria Beach Opening Hours
Teleng Ria Beach operating hours are open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Teleng Ria Beach Ticket
Teleng Ria Beach entrance ticket only needs to pay a retribution of IDR 10,000 per person.
Car parking ticket for Rp. 10,000,-
Motorcycle parking ticket by paying Rp. 5,000,-

Teleng Ria Beach Facilities
Teleng Ria Beach has adequate facilities, namely:

Vehicle parking area
Prayer room
Gazebo for resting


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