teradesa.com  Choosing a natural tourist location for a family vacation is the best choice when you want to unwind while providing educational entertainment for your little ones. Especially for those of you who live in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city, nature tourism is like an oasis of freshness that provides energy when you are tired of working. A natural tourist destination with unequaled beauty that you can visit is Way Kambas National Park.

Way Kambas National Park, a Mammal Paradise in Sumatra
Speaking of Way Kambas National Park, most people will remember it as a Sumatran elephant conservation area, home to the large mammals. In fact, Way Kambas has much more to offer visitors. Starting from the diversity of fauna such as Sumatran tigers, Sumatran rhinos, siamangs, coyotes, and tapirs; to a variety of birds such as tong-tong storks, sandang lawe storks, blue storks, pecuk ular, and kuau.
Fun Activities to Do in Way Kambas National Park

1. Play with Elephants
There’s nothing more exciting than playing with elephants when you visit an elephant conservation site. The elephants in Way Kambas number in the hundreds and have been tamed and educated by elephant handlers. You and your family can play with or ride the elephants.

2. Watch Elephant Attractions
The result of the education of the handlers in Way Kambas makes the elephants in this national park able to do many things that are usually done by humans such as dancing, playing ball, tug of war, and draping flowers on visitors. Uniquely, the elephants have been trained to be able to pretend to tease visitors who sit on them!

3. Conducting Research
The large number of elephants of various ages living in Way Kambas provides a great opportunity for research. For those of you who work in the field of fauna science, a visit to Way Kambas can be used to take a vacation while conducting research. There is a research guesthouse at the conservation site, complete with laboratory facilities if you need them.

4. Camping
Way Kambas’ 1,300 square kilometers presents a vast landscape that is difficult to explore in a day. If you need more than a day and a night to be in Way Kambas and explore what it has to offer, there is a campsite within the conservation area, the Way Kanan campground.

5. Explore Nature
Aside from witnessing the rich fauna scattered throughout the national park, Way Kambas’ natural landscape is also something to behold. Take a walk along the Way Kanan River and you’ll discover the pristine and reassuring side of Way Kambas National Park.

How to Reach Way Kambas National Park
As a well-known conservation area, reaching Way Kambas is not difficult. You can use private transportation or public transportation equally easily. The location of Way Kambas is in Labuhan Ratu District, East Lampung.

If you choose to use private transportation, the best option is a car. The journey can be started from Bandar Lampung to Way Jepara, which generally takes approximately two hours. You can also start the journey from Branti to Way Jepara. For this one, the trip only takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Using public transportation is just as easy. You can catch a bus at Rajabasa Terminal in Bandar Lampung to Way Jepara. At Way Jepara, an ojek can take you to Way Kanan, the entrance to Way Kambas National Park. Have a great family vacation!


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