teradesa.com  Bukit Batu Tumpang in Lampung is always an interesting place to visit. This place looks beautiful with its natural scenery.

Yes, it is common that Lampung is not only famous for its hopping island tours, but also has hilly and historical natural attractions that are interesting to visit. One of them is Bukit Batu Tumpang Tourism.

Bukit Batu Tumpang Tourism is a tourist destination that is hunted by tourists and also the people of Lampung. Because, being here tourists can enjoy the beauty from the top of the hills and capture the moment with the iconic tumpang stone.

Bukit Batu Tumpang is a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally. Because, on a large boulder on the hill there is the word Allah in Arabic letters. No wonder many tourists are interested and curious to come to the place.

Getting to know Bukit Batu Tumpang
Bukit Batu Tumpang Tourism was first inaugurated and opened as a tourist spot on February 12, 2017. This photo spot has another name, namely Bukit Batu Over Lapping.

The phenomenon of the appearance of the word Allah in Arabic letters on the boulder is an attraction for tourists to visit the place.

The attraction of Bukit Batu Tumpang
Interestingly, this location is designed with colorful nuances so that many photo spots can be used by tourists. In addition, visitors can also take pictures on the hill with beautiful natural beauty. There are also several photo spots, such as the sky tracking area. This area is a bamboo bridge that is used as road access. Visitors can take pictures on the bridge with a view from a height.

There is also a love sign. This spot looks very creative by utilizing objects with cylindrical shapes. Then, it is neatly arranged to form a love sign. In the center there is a hitchhiking stone letter icon.

And of course you have to take a photo on the big boulder that is the icon in this place. On the side of the large stone there is a symbol of Allah in Arabic letters.

Location of Bukit Batu Tumpang
Bukit Batu Tumpang is one of the favorite destinations also because of its location which is quite easy to reach. Bukit Batu Tumpang is located in Payung Rejo, Pubian District, Central Lampung Regency.

Route to Bukit Batu Tumpang
There are two routes to Batu Tumpang tourist destination, you can go through Kotabumi and Bandar Lampung. The estimated time both take approximately 1 hour.

Kotabumi route: for the route from Kotabumi, you can start from the center of Kotabumi City and the Sumatra crossing route. From this direction, walk along Jalan Raya Way Rarem. Take a straight direction until entering the Pubian area. Then for the direction that leads to the tumpang stone photo spot tour, namely Eva’s shop. Right next to Eva’s shop there is an entrance. Then take the entrance.

When arriving at an intersection, turn to the left. Then take a straight direction and even when encountering an intersection or T-junction take a straight direction. After encountering the AZ Zahra store, take the direction of the driveway next to the store. Then just follow the directions.

Bandar Lampung route: for the route from the direction of Bandar Lampung City, it can be reached by tracing along Jalan Jendral Sudirman. After reaching the end of the road, there is a T-junction. From the T-junction, take the left direction or the direction to Kotabumi.

Then continue straight until you see Eva’s shop. Then for the next route, you can follow the route towards Kotabumi. In addition to the road route above, there is another route that may be much more effective and efficient. The route can be obtained from Google map.

Entrance ticket price
The entrance ticket price to this place is quite affordable, which is IDR 5,000 for Monday-Friday, and IDR 10,000 for Saturday and Sunday. However, there will be price changes during Lebaran and school holidays. Bukit Batu Tumpang is open from 07.00 WIB to 18.00 WIB. There will also be changes in operating hours depending on the condition of Bukit Batu Tumpang, whether it looks still crowded or has been quiet.

Bukit Batu Tumpang Facilities
To go to Bukit Batu Tumpang, the road access is very good because the road to the top of the hill has been casted. So there is no need to worry especially during the rainy season because it is far from the risk of muddy and muddy.

You also need to pass the stairs to get to the top of the hill. Don’t worry either because next to the stairs has also been equipped with a handrail so it remains safe for visitors.

Facilities at Bukit Batu Tumpang
This place has several facilities, such as a fairly large parking area. Then there is also a food court with a wide selection of food and drinks. Not only that, this place also provides toilets and places of worship and so on.


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