teradesa.com Any visitor to Bangkok must see the magnificent buildings within the Grand Palace complex to experience the splendor of the architectural style. Since the establishment of Bangkok as the Nation’s capital by King Rama I, the Grand palace has been the main architectural symbol of the Thai Royal family. Today, the Royal Family resides in Chitralada Palace while the Grand Palace is used for ceremonial purposes.

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, the Grand Palace was once the residence of King Rama I to King Rama V of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. Today, the venue is used to host royal ceremonies and welcome royal guests, state guests, and other foreign dignitaries. It is also the place where the remains of kings and high-ranking members of the royal family are placed before cremation. This magnificent palace is divided into two main zones, namely the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the royal residence.

The latter is divided into three main areas: Outer Court, Middle Court, and Inner Court. The Outer Court starts from Wiset Chai Si Gate to Phiman Chai Si Gate and includes the inner wall of The Grand Palace. It is now the location of several state offices such as the Royal Household Bureau, the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary, and the Office of the Royal Institute. The Middle Court starts from Phiman Chai Si Gate to Sanam Ratchakit Gate. This area is where important royal ceremonies such as the Royal Coronation and the Royal Coronation Day Ceremony are held.

Located in the Middle Court area are the Phra Maha Monthien Building, Chakri Maha Prasat Building, Phra Maha Prasat Building, and the Siwalai Park area. The Inner Court is from Sanam Ratchakit Gate to Thaew Teng, a tenement house that used to be the palace wall during the reign of King Rama I. The southern area of the Inner Court was then the palace wall. The southern area of the Inner Court was then a women-only zone; no one but the king was allowed into the area, where the queens, empresses, empress mothers, and king’s daughters lived along with many maids and servants. The area no longer serves as a residence today.

Tips Please dress appropriately in black or white to show condolences to the late King Rama IX. Standing within the Grand Palace area is another Bangkok attraction called the Pavilion of Regalia, Royal Decorations and Coins, where Thai coins and regalia are on display.


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