teradesa.com There are many interesting tours when visiting the Philippines, one of which is Chocolate Hills. The best time to visit this tourist spot is during the summer around March to August. Meanwhile, if you want to witness a different atmosphere from Chocolate Hills, you can visit again during the rainy season.

During the summer, the atmosphere will be different and you will be treated to the charm of beautiful green hills. The reason is that seasonal differences greatly affect the condition of the grass on Bukit Cokelat.

Bukit Cokelat is a limestone hill spread across Bohol Island. It is located in the Central Visyas area of the Philippines. This 50-hectare area really presents a very interesting view. Some of the Chocolate hills have an almost uniform height of 75 meters to 150 meters. The steps of this hill are one of the charms for travel photographers, especially before sunset.

It is estimated that there are about thousands of Chocolate hills in the Philippines. If calculated on average there are around 1500 to 1700 hills in an area of 50 hectares. That is the reason why the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines became one of the World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO.

This tourist spot is not easy to reach, because it still requires a boat trip of about two hours from Cebu Island.

This Chocolate Hill is formed from fossils that are on the surface of the underwater. Then these fossil deposits were lifted to the sea due to the shifting of the Earth. The long process eventually formed limestone rocks in the form of mounds like hills.

Because it has been designated as one of the world heritage sites, visitors have been spoiled with several supporting facilities. Moreover, transportation access is easy to reach by bus. Some lodgings can also be booked cheaply.

Make sure you bring the best camera with some qualified lenses to get the best pictures. Not bad lo, can add feed content on Instagram with even more beautiful.


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