teradesa.com  Who doesn’t know the Jam Gadang Bukittinggi. This site is the main icon of Bukittinggi and West Sumatra. Apart from the unique and phenomenal shape of the building, the surrounding area is no less interesting. There is a beautiful park that surrounds the area around the building.

The park functions as a green space in the middle of the city as well as a space for interaction and recreation. Every weekend and every night, this place is always crowded with people who want to just relax and enjoy the night atmosphere.

The area around the clock is also often the center of various entertainment events. In essence, this park makes the giant clock tower site the pride of the Bukittinggi community even more ‘alive’.

History of Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
Jam Gadang is an iconic tower of Bukittinggi. In the center-outside of the tower, there are giant clocks on all four sides of the tower.

For this reason, the tower is called Jam Gadang, which means ‘big clock’ in the Minang language.

The construction site of the tower is also a historic witness to the nation’s struggle, just like the Jogja Kembali Monument. Precisely on the occasion of the raising of the red and white flag in Bukittinggi in 1945.

There was also the Nasi Bungkus Demonstration in 1950 and the killing of around 187 people accused of being rebels (1959).

The construction of this Padang tourist spot lasted for a year, from 1926 to 1927. The originator was a city secretary of what is now the City of Bukittinggi, Hendrik Roelof Rookmaaker.

The clock unit itself was a gift from the then Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina. Meanwhile, the architect was a native, Yazid Rajo Mangkuto. He is an architect from Koto Gadang.

The total cost for the construction of this tower is around 3,000 Gulden. The cost was classified as very large at that time. From the beginning of construction until now, there have been at least three changes, especially in the roof of the tower.

The first change occurred during the Dutch colonial period. The roof of the tower is round with a rooster statue on it.

The second change occurred during the Japanese colonization period where the roof of the tower changed into a typical Shinto shrine shape.

Then the last change when Indonesia was independent. The roof of the tower becomes the roof of the Rumah Gadang which is the identity of the Minangkabau people.

Building Structure
The Jam Gadang tower building has a base size of 6.5 m x 6.5 m, and also a staircase size of 4 meters. So, overall, the tower measures 6.5 meters x 10.5 meters.

Meanwhile, the inside of the tower building, consists of several levels with the top level being the place to place the clock pendulum. For the size of the clocks, each has a diameter of about 80 cm.

Each clock moves using the original Rotterdam, Netherlands engine. This clock was originally made by a famous clock factory in Germany called Vortmann Rellinghausen around 1892.

Entrance Ticket Price of Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
The Gadang Clock Tower and Monas in Jakarta have one thing in common, they are both free historical tourist sites. Visitors will only be charged a vehicle parking fee.

Free Entrance Ticket
Motorcycle Parking Rp2,000.00 per first 2 hours
Car Parking IDR 5,000.00 per first 2 hours
Attraction of Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
The architectural design of the tower is certainly the main attraction of this cultural tourism site. In addition, there are several other attractions that you can easily find here. For example, some of the following attractions:

Sabai Nan Aluih Park
This park area is not far from the area around the tower. As a green area, trees and ornamental plants thrive to beautify the scenery in the middle of the city.

This park is also decorated with grass that always looks neat and beautiful. As the night progresses, the park will become more crowded as it is often a favorite place for community gatherings.

Moreover, there are many street vendors selling around the area at night. You can easily find stalls selling various Padang specialties and contemporary snacks.

Teh Talua, Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo, Lamang Tapai and Nasi Kapau Uni Lis are some of the culinary recommendations that you must try. This food is a favorite among tourists.

Water Fountain
Sabai Nan Aluih Park has a fountain whose water jet pattern is very beautiful like dancing.

When this fountain is dancing, there will be colorful lights coming from the lighting under the fountain.

This view is similar to the view near Kenjeran Bridge in Surabaya’s Kenjeran Park tourist area.

The beauty of the fountain can certainly only be found at night. Many visitors make this fountain one of the mandatory photo spots when visiting.

Pasa Ateh
Around this giant clock tower is also a famous market, Pasa Ateh. Here, you can hunt for typical Padang souvenirs, especially original Minang souvenirs. Starting from snacks to typical souvenirs such as Songket Cloth.

Explore the Museum
The tourist area of the giant clock tower and its surroundings has similarities with the Kota Tua tourist area in Jakarta. Not far from this Bukittinggi icon, there are several museum buildings.

Call it the Bung Hatta Palace museum complete with the Bung Hatta Monument Park. Both of these locations can be an alternative educational and historical tour for you.

Jam Gadang Bukittinggi Facilities
Its location in the middle of the city makes this tourist attraction close to other supporting facilities.

Facilities related to culinary have been represented by the presence of stalls, restaurants, cafes, and street vendors.

There are also many choices of lodging, ranging from the closest to the lodging that is a little far away. Parking areas are of course also available. You are free to choose the parking area you want.

The parking area here is scattered at several points. Some are in the park zone, market, culinary center, and also in the tower area itself.

Mushola or mosque and also toilets can also be found along Jalan Raya Bukittinggi.

Location & Route to Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
Tourist Attraction Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
This Bukittinggi City Landmark is on Jalan Raya Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, Benteng Pasar Ateh, Bukittinggi City. This location is also called Point Zero because it is right in the city center.

Tourists coming from outside Padang City can use online taxi services but the costs can be very expensive.

It will be much more economical if you use a car rental service from Salsa Wisata. There are several rental package options to choose from. The Avanza Padang car rental package is one of the best package options.

In addition to the affordable package price, the car capacity is also quite a lot so it is suitable for family vacation events.

Operating Hours of Jam Gadang Bukittinggi
This tourist spot is open from Monday to Sunday. National holidays remain open. For operating hours, this Bukittinggi landmark is open for 24 hours. So, tourists can come at any time.

Jam Gadang Bukittinggi is certainly a suitable vacation destination reference for those of you who like iconic safari tours. You can not only be satisfied to visit this Gadang Clock.

You can also explore other places around the tower. For example, culinary tours near the park, walking in the park, shopping for souvenirs at the market, and taking selfies near the fountain.


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