teradesa.com  explore a silent witness to the glorious age of Islamic civilization in the West Asian region. Located 340 km south of Tehran and the third largest city in Iran, Isfahan is the city of Isfahan. Known for its strong Muslim architecture, it’s no wonder that when we talk about Isfahan, the Si-o-se Pol Bridge immediately comes to mind.

Let’s get acquainted with the Si-o-se Pol Bridge
Located in the city of Isfahan, Si-o-se Pol Bridge (in Persian: سی وسه پل,) – meaning 33 arches, is a double-deck arch bridge over the Zayandeh River. The construction of Si-o-se Pol Bridge was ordered between 1599-1602 by Shah Abbas I of the Safavid Dynasty to Allahverdi Khan, the famous Armenian general. This gave Si-o-se Pol another name, Allahverdi Khan Bridge. The grandeur of the building is evidenced by its length, which stretches for almost 300 meters with a total width of 14 meters.

Si-o-se Pol Bridge and the Story Behind It
According to several sources, the construction of the Si-o-se Pol Bridge began with the government’s plan to build four beautiful parks. Then a bridge was built to connect the four parks. As it developed, the bridge attracted the attention of merchants who came to the Safavid Empire thanks to its marvelous architecture. Since then, Si-o-se Pol Bridge has become the ‘mascot’ of the kingdom.

The building, which is more than four centuries old, exudes an atmosphere of Islamic greatness that you can feel through the arches on its walls in a charming Muslim architectural style. Not only in terms of architecture, the Si-o-se Pol Bridge also holds an invaluable element of Islamic majesty.

Real Evidence of the Glory of Islam in the City of Isfahan
The Safawi Empire experienced a golden age during the reign of Shah Abbas I. He himself was a Muslim. He himself was a Muslim believer. Not surprisingly, his leadership style is full of Islamic values. This made the teachings of Islam grow rapidly and become embedded in society. This is reflected in the Muslim architecture of the Safawi Dynasty heritage sites, one of which is the Si-o-se Pol Bridge.

The Si-o-se Pol Bridge built by Shah Abbas I indirectly marks a trace of the greatness of Islam in the city of Isfahan, Iran. So strong is the influence of Islam that it can produce magnificent and spectacular buildings that are the pride of Muslims in the city of Isfahan to this day.

Si-o-se Pol Bridge Today
The attractiveness of Si-o-se Pol Bridge makes the number of local and international tourists continue to increase. Especially every Nowruz (Persian New Year) celebration, Si-o-se Pol Bridge is even more impressive because it is beautified with lights. This is also where many people will gather to wish each other “Nowruz Mobarak”, which means happy new year.

After tracing the traces of Islam through the presence of this symbol of Isfahan City, we as Muslims should be proud, you know! It turns out that there are many iconic buildings in various parts of the world that are a sign of the greatness of Islam. Are you more interested in witnessing the sheen of the Si-o-se Pol Bridge in Isfahan City?


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