teradesa.com Located close to Bakauheni Harbor stands a magnificent building that is the zero point of the southern Sumatra Island and also the symbol of Lampung province.

The Siger Tower stands 110 meters above sea level and overlooks Bakauheni Harbor. The largest tower in Lampung was inaugurated by then Lampung Governor Sjahroedin Z.P on April 30, 2008. What are the contents of the tower and what is the history of its construction? Read the full story below.

History of Siger Tower
Starting construction in 2005 and completed in 2008, the Siger Tower cost Rp. 15 billion. As a symbol of Lampung Province, this tower can also be an icon of tourism, religion, arts and culture, and education.

Siger Tower is a combination of landmarks and tourism. It has a unique shape with nine cone-like designs that are yellow like gold that are lined up lengthwise. This tower building has a decoration in the form of a typical tapis cloth pattern from the Lampung region.

The shape is adapted from the bride’s crown or better known as Siger in Lampung customs. Then the shoots that have a total of nine are a symbol of the language that exists in Lampung society. What makes it unique is that the cone in the middle has a larger size and is higher than the others as the top of the siger tower.

The building contains astra gatra data, namely trigatra which includes geographical location, demographics and wealth from Natural Resources (SDA). Furthermore, panca gatra, which contains ideology and security. With this data, it is hoped that tourists will not ask questions about the contents of the tower building. There is a white yellow and red umbrella as a sign of the top of the tower. The umbrella is a symbol of social order.

The Siger Tower is not only a physical form, but a reflection of community culture and the identity of the Lampung people who have a philosophy of thinking and acting with a vision and mission to realize a superior and competitive Lampung Province.

As an icon of Lampung’s pride, the existence of the Siger Tower should be taken into account, because until now Lampung Province is the gate of Sumatra Island which only has a proud icon on a national scale.

This building was built by Lampung’s original architect, Ir. Anshori Djausal M.T. Built with ferrocement technique so that it can withstand the blast of dating winds and withstand earthquakes. The ferrocement technique itself is a development of the team that built the Siger Tower, using a wire mesh similar to a spider web.

While the siger symbol and some ornaments are not done with castings. But every part is done by hand. With this technique, each building is resistant to shocks or exposure to sea breezes.

Siger Tower Entrance Ticket
Ticket Type Price
Per Person Rp. 10,000
Motorcycle Rp. 15,000
Car Rp. 20,000

To visit and enjoy this Siger Tower tour, visitors are charged an entrance ticket price of Rp. 15,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 20,000 for cars. While entering the building costs Rp. 10,000 per person.

Location of Lampung Siger Tower
The Lampung icon siger tower is located on Jalan Lintas Sumatera, Bakauheni, South Lampung Regency. More precisely located on Bukit Gamping. To find it easier, just look at the maps. To get there, you can first contact the telephone number (0725) 77589.

Lampung Siger Tower Facilities
When visiting the Siger Tower, the thing that can be done is to see the view of the Bakauheni Port from a height, and can see the sea view, as well as several surrounding areas.

The best time to visit the Siger Tower is before sunrise or after dawn. If the weather is clear, you will enjoy the sunrise view from the eastern part of the tower.

There you can feel the cool natural atmosphere of the hills, take a selfie or hunt photos at the Lampung icon. Often regional tourists also visit this place just out of curiosity or passing by. But for the holiday season, there will usually be many visitors who come to this tour.

In addition to the Siger Tower, Lampung also still has other tourist attractions such as Waterfall Tourism, Lampung Specialty Culinary, Lampung Coffee to Lampung Tapis.


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