teradesa.com The cool morning air seeped through the window of the car I was traveling in to one of the tourist destinations on the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara that morning.

Speaking of NTT, this area in eastern Indonesia is indeed famous for its natural beauty, such as on the islands of Timor, Flores and Sumba. Tourist destinations in NTT are not only in demand by local tourists, but many foreign tourists also come to enjoy its natural beauty.
After landing at Umbu Mehang Kunda airport the day before and staying in the Waingapu area, the next day was the time to visit tourist destinations. My trip that morning was to Warinding Hill, one of the tourist destinations on the island of Sumba, NTT.
Warinding Hill is famous for its breathtaking views. It takes about an hour’s drive from the hotel where I stayed in Waingapu. The scenery on the way there also made me want to always stare out the window.

At some points, our driver deliberately stopped to point out some unique sights. One of them was a hill that, when viewed from a distance, looked like a giant sleeping on its back.

Arriving at Warinding Hill, our car was parked at the bottom of the hill. The location from the parking area to the top of the hill is not too far and only requires about 15 minutes of climbing. Upon arriving at the top of Warinding hill, I was presented with a natural and enchanting view of nature.
Although it was the dry season and the hills looked yellow, it didn’t take away from the exotica of the place. I think this place is suitable for calming the mind and also taking stock photos, because it is very instagramable.

For those of you who want a more unforgettable experience, there are several horses for rent by local residents. You can get the experience of riding up and down the hill. For only fifty thousand rupiah, the experience of riding in the wild and among the hills will truly be an unforgettable memory.

If you intend to come to Warinding hill, then the right time is in the morning and evening. Especially for you sunrise and sunset lovers. This place will give you more than what you can imagine.
The serene atmosphere and exotic scenery will be a memorable experience whether stored in camera memory or just in memory.


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