teradesa.com  Watu Bale Beach does not have sand like other beaches in general. Rather, it offers a view of a high cliffed natural boundary directly adjacent to the south sea. Or commonly known as the hilly cape.

The distance of Watu Bale Beach is not far from the city center of Pacitan. With a travel time of about 45 minutes. The beach location is also strategic, located between two other beaches, namely Soge beach and Pidakan beach.

The characteristic of this beach is the presence of large rocks. Located in the middle of the beach with a flat and wide shape similar to a bale or hall. So this beach is called Watu Bale Beach.

On this beach there is a bridge that has become a new icon of Watu Bale Beach tourism. The bridge stretches from the coastal cliff to a large rock in the middle of the beach.

The waves at Watu Bale Beach are seasonal waves. Sometimes it offers ordinary waves and sometimes the waves are very large and fierce. Visiting tourists are advised to be careful with the seasonality of the beach waves.

Watu Bale Beach has a beautiful view and the place is comfortable. This beach is also often used for camping activities. In addition, Watu Bale beach can also be used for fishing.

Address of Watu Bale Beach
Jetak Village, Tulakan District, Pacitan Regency, East Java.

Opening Hours
Every day. 06.00 AM – 19.00 PM.

Entrance Ticket Price
Entrance Ticket Price: Rp.5,000,-
Motorcycle Parking Rp. 2,000,-
Car Parking Rp. 5,000,-

Route to Watu Bale Beach
Access to Watu Bale Beach is quite easy to reach. Travel time from Pacitan city center is about 45 minutes. The route to Watu Bale Beach is also fairly easy.

From Pacitan city, follow the direction of the South Cross Line (JLS) to the east. Arriving in Jetak Village, Tulakan District, there is a signboard on the right. The next route is in the form of an entrance lane with cemented roads until arriving at the vehicle parking area.

Arriving at the ticket booth, enter and follow the road downhill and past several houses. About 10 minutes away you will find a small harbor. Those who bring four-wheeled vehicles can park at the port and continue on foot.

The road condition to Watu Bale Beach is quite good. Visitors must pass through winding paths and climbs. The location of the beach is also strategic between two other beaches, namely Soge beach and Pidakan beach. To get to tourist sites can use vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.

What’s on Watu Bale Beach
Watu Bale Beach is one of the beach attractions in Pacitan Regency. This tourist attraction is quite much in demand. Every weekend or long holiday is always crowded with tourists.

The beach offers a unique and interesting natural panorama for you to visit. Many exciting and interesting activities that you can do when visiting this beach.

Coral Reefs and Scenery of Watu Bale Beach
Watu Bale Beach offers a beautiful and charming view. This beach does not have a sandy beach like other beaches in general.

This beach has a fairly high cliff and is directly adjacent to the south sea or known as a hilly cape.

watu bale beach view
On this beach there is a large rock that looks like a Bale or Balai. Because of the presence of rocks similar to the Balai, this beach is called Watu Bale Beach.

The top surface of this rock is quite balanced and smooth. It can be used as a relaxing spot to sit, as well as a place for selfies and photography. This ‘Balai’ rock is a typical icon of Watu Bale Beach.

the view at watu bale beach
In addition, Watu Bale Beach also offers beautiful scenery. Tourists will be presented with views of the open sea and the blue of the ocean. The beauty of large corals and the view of big waves rolling.

The air in this beach area is quite hot. Tourists who visit are recommended to enjoy Watu Bale beach is in the morning or afternoon.

Suspension Bridge
Watu Bale Beach has a suspension bridge with a length of 100 meters in the middle of the beach. A connecting bridge that stretches between the coastal cliffs and the island of Watu Bale. This suspension bridge is the attraction of Watu Bale Beach tourism.

This suspension bridge is included in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Made from quality mines and wood so that it is safe for visitors to pass.

To be able to walk through this suspension bridge, you must first see the condition of the waves. The officer will later see the waves in this beach area.

If the waves are too big and unfriendly then tourists are not allowed to pass the bridge. And vice versa if the waves on this beach are friendly then tourists can pass this watu bale bridge.

Watu Bale Beach can also be used for fishing activities. There are quite a lot of fish in this beach tour because the place has a high cliff or commonly called “perengan”.

Watu Bale Cafe
On this beach there is also a cafe called Cafe Watu Bale, providing a variety of culinary specialties of pacitan. Starting from snacks, coffee, tea to young heads at a fairly affordable price. The location is not too close to the beach. Uniquely this watu bale cafe is made of wood which is neatly designed.

Intagramable Photo Spot
Watu Bale Beach has a beautiful natural panorama. Here there are many cool and intagramable photo spots with natural scenery as the background. Shady trees, rocks and hills are favorite photo spots offered from this beach tour.

Watu Bale Beach Facilities
The following are public facilities and facilities at the Watu Bale Pacitan Beach tourist attraction.

-Toilets and bathrooms
-Parking lot
-Prayer room
-Souvenir Shop
-Food Stalls
-Cafe Watu Bale


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