teradesa.com Keraton Plered was destroyed in 1600 A.D. (1677) when Trunojoyo, a West Madurese nobleman attacked Keraton Plered and succeeded in occupying it. Sunan Amangkurat I fled to Imogiri then westward and died on the run. Amangkurat I’s successor, Amangkurat II, reoccupied the palace with the help of the VOC. After Plered Palace was abandoned by Sunan Amangkurat II, one part of the palace, Sumur Gumuling Plered, was rediscovered in a damaged state. The damage to the well was exacerbated by the earthquake in 2006. In 2009 Sumur Gumuling Plered was renovated to its current state. The well is surrounded by a wall with metal trellis and can be reached by cement steps.

The well diameter is 0.8 m, the well lip is 0.11 m thick, and the depth is 2.7 meters. The well is currently surrounded by a cement fence wall topped with a metal fence trellis. The fence wall and the surface of Sumur Gumuling are painted pink.


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