teradesa.com Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s famously busy districts.
With around 2.4 million people crossing the streets every day, it’s certainly a unique sight for non-Japanese people like us.

But what makes Shibuya so special and the busiest place in the world?

The reason why Shibuya is so crowded!
Go back to 100 years ago when it all began. Shibuya Station was established in 1885.

Back then, the station served as a stop on the Shinagawa Line, which has since been expanded and is now known as the JR Yamanote Line.

Today, Shibuya Station serves over eight different lines and is jointly operated by subway companies JR East, Keio, Tokyu and Tokyo Metro.

Tokyu Corporation, one of the main operators of Shibuya Station, is planning the construction of a 47-story commercial building that will be completed in 2019.

The new building will be the tallest in Shibuya – yet another reason to visit Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfare.

There are many subway lines and buses that stop in Shibuya. Making it a logistical attraction for the average Tokyoite.

In addition to drinking, karaoke, or eating, people from all over the city can easily catch the last train home or wait for the station to open again in the morning.

Making for very easy access to fun in Shibuya.

Shibuya is home to countless bars, clubs, and restaurants, but has a reputation for being a fashionable part of town for those who love fashion.

There are large branches of famous stores like H&M and Uniqlo, as well as the iconic Shibuya 109 mall – not to mention a number of department stores scattered just steps away from the station.

Shibuya is also known as a popular choice for young people under the age of 20 – those who can’t yet get into the trendy clubs of Roppongi or the bars of Shinjuku.

By enjoying a little bit of the city’s hustle, they can still feel trendy by visiting Shibuya.

The main attraction in Shibuya
Photography is one of the attractions that make visitors feel at home in Shibuya. The landscape is incredible as an urban area and the best spots for photography.

Every afternoon, there are always tourists to be found taking pictures in every corner of Shibuya.

These photogenic spots are another reason why the district is so crowded.

Street artists are also one of the highlights of Shibuya.

Often, Shibuya becomes a place to express the artistic spirit of various street artists.

Some express it through dance, music, even monologues, and even illegal concerts! This intersection is often famous for its art ‘performances’, making it a striking sight to behold.

Hachiko the faithful watchman of Shibuya. Who doesn’t know Hachiko? The story of the dog whose owner passed away after years of waiting for him to return from Shibuya station.

Before long, the kind-hearted dog followed his owner, and their story was immortalized with the Hachiko statue in Shibuya since 1934.

Not only that, exit 8 at Shibuya station was renamed Hachiko Exit, in order to immortalize Hachiko, and to match the position of the Hachiko statue near exit 8.

How is it Sonora Friends? It turns out that even the most crowded street in the world holds many stories. Do you want to go to Shibuya?


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