teradesa.com Petronas is one of the tallest towers in Southeast Asia. This tower is also an icon of Malaysia and the city center of Kuala Lumpur.

The location of this tower is often referred to as KLCC or Kuala Lumpur City Center. There are many activities that you can do when you are in this tower. What are these activities? Check out the full explanation only here.

Overview of Petronas Tower
The Petronas Twin Towers began construction in 1992 and were inaugurated in 1998. The architect of this tower from Argentina is Cesar Pelli.

At the beginning of its inauguration, this tower was the tallest tower in the world. The height of the Petronas Towers is 452 m and was built on former horse racing land. The foundation of this tower is the deepest foundation in the world, which is 120m deep.

The philosophy of the Petronas Towers is quite profound for the community, not only the construction process is quite long, this tower also costs a lot of money. This 88-storey tower is not just offices, there are many exciting activities that you can do.

At the bottom of the tower is the KLCC park and mall. In addition, there is also a technology and science center. In the hall of this tower there is also a performing arts stage. So there are many activities you can do when visiting this tower.

The history of the Petronas twin towers is quite long, until now this tower has become one of the main attractions for Malaysia. You who are on vacation to Malaysia are not complete if you don’t visit this tower.

Activities When Visiting Petronas Towers
As discussed earlier, there are many exciting activities that you can do while visiting this tower. The following is the complete information and explanation.

1. Shopping at Suria KLCC
The first activity you can do in this tower is shopping at Suria mall. This mall is one of the largest malls in Malaysia. Here you can find many branded goods and other necessities.

This mall is on the ground floor of the tower, so you can shop immediately after entering this tower. Besides shopping, you can also try to eat at one of the food courts here. Suria mall is open every day from 10:00-22:00 local time.

2. Relax at KLCC Park
Apart from shopping, you can also do outdoor activities such as relaxing in the KLCC park. This park is in front of the tower.

Not only relaxing, in this park you can also take pictures in instagramable spots. You should not be surprised because this park is never empty of local and foreign tourists.

You who want to enjoy the night atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur can come at night to this park. The view of this park is more beautiful and amazing at night. If you are lucky you can watch the fountain show here.

3. Learn Science and Technology at Petrosains Science Center
Those of you who want to learn about technology and science can also come to this tower. Petrosains Science Center is located on level 4 and 5 of the tower.

This place is suitable for both children and adults. Here you can learn a lot about the latest science and technology. Geotime Diorama, Molecule Nano World and Sparkz are just some of the things inside.

Petrosains Science Center is open every day from 09:30-18:30. The entrance ticket price is around Rp25,000-Rp30,000 per person.

4. Enjoy a Musical Performance at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall
In this tower, you can also watch music and art performances held in the hall right in the middle of the tower.

Performances at Petronas Towers usually take place every weekend or on certain events. You can check in advance for complete information about the performances that will be held at this tower. You can watch these performances from every floor in the tower.

5. View from the Hubung Menara Bridge
The most important and mandatory thing you must do when visiting this tower is to see the view from the bridge connecting the towers. The Petronas Tower bridge is on the 41st and 42nd floors. Special tourists can only access the bridge on the 41st floor, because the 42nd floor is specifically for officers.

One of the uniqueness of this bridge is because it is attached directly to the main construction. The height of this bridge is about 558 feet or about 170 m.

From this bridge you can see a beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur City. In addition, you can also capture the moment by taking pictures here.

Crossing this bridge takes approximately 15-20 minutes from one end of the tower to the other. In addition to crossing this bridge you can also go up to the 86th floor of tower 2 petronas. On this floor you can enjoy a wider view from a height.

How to Get to Petronas Towers
How are you interested in visiting this tower? Getting to Petronas Towers is very easy, you can take public transportation in Malaysia. Here are the 3 easiest ways to get to this tower.

1. Take the Bus
The first easiest way to get to this tower is by taking the bus. You can take the GOKL bus and take the green line. This bus is available for free to get around Kuala Lumpur.

You can take the bus from any bus stop and choose the green line. Get off right at the petronas bus stop. The distance from the bus stop to the tower is not too far, just a 1-2 minute walk.

2. Take the LRT
You can also take the LRT or Malaysia’s subway. To get to this tower you can take the LRT from anywhere and get off at KLCC station.

This station is right under the ground of the tower. So after getting off the LRT you can go straight up to the tower. From the station to the tower you need to walk stiffly for about 3 minutes.

3. Take a Taxi
If you don’t want to take public transportation, you can take a taxi to the tower. However, the cost of taking a taxi in Malaysia is not cheap. However, with a taxi you can get off directly at the tower lobby, so you don’t need to walk.


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